Synonyms for Angle:


emphasize, curve, fork, accent, flare, highlight, point up, cusp, reiterate, lay emphasis/stress on something, underscore, accentuate, elbow, underline, arc, stress, divergence, notch. edge, obtuse angle, point, end, complement, inclination, acute angle, azimuth, turn, corner, complementary angles, adjacent angles, corresponding angles, bend. reverse, phase, overturn, spin, side, adjust, tip-up, roll, turn something inside out, aspect. hint, direction, course, path, passage, approach, track, line, way, ask. view, school of thought, pragmatism, framework, mind, logic, mindset. knock, kick, hook, shoot, play, cross, smash, pass, strike at, dribble. angle (noun)
lean, fish, tilt, tip, weight.
angle for (noun)
bend (noun)
condition (noun)
curve (noun)
edge (noun)
personal approach, purpose (noun)
intention, aim, outlook, side, standpoint, approach, direction, viewpoint, perspective, aspect, plan.
point of view (noun)
perspective, outlook, side, standpoint, viewpoint.
purpose (noun)
phase, plan, purpose, study at, reason, aim, intention, motive.
shape formed by two lines meeting at a point (noun)
edge, bend, elbow, notch, point, corner, divergence, turn, flare, cusp, fork.


attempt (verb)

Other synonyms:

overturn, obtuse angle, corner, complementary angles, tip-up, acute angle, adjacent angles, roll, corresponding angles, azimuth. turn, standpoint, path, approach, bend, arc, direction. track, spin, passage, adjust, curve, complement, outlook. way, side. course, aspect. pass, reverse, line. aslant
point of view
Other relevant words:
approach, edge, perspective, overturn, direction, azimuth, course, reverse, plan, view, phase, fork, intention, motive, fish, spin, flare, divergence, elbow, obtuse angle, standpoint, ask, path, cusp, viewpoint, corner, inclination, line, curve, outlook, pass, kick, bend, roll, notch, side, framework, track, hint, way, aim, turn, hook, arc, acute angle, aspect, point.

Usage examples for angle

  1. And you've got to get at it from a different angle – The Come Back by Carolyn Wells
  2. " Our fellows are at the angle of this trench. – Charles O'Malley, The Irish Dragoon, Volume 2 (of 2) by Charles Lever
  3. Tryon's lance, held truly and at the right angle captured the first ring, then the second and third. – The House Behind the Cedars by Charles W. Chesnutt