Synonyms for Backing:


supporting (adjective)
supporting, Underpinning, upholding, Propping.


bebop, acid jazz, blues, ambient, bluegrass, acid house, background music, bhangra. stuffing, flock, kapok, pad, sponsorship, auspice, Patronization, filling, aegis, help. grubstake, money, capital, subsidization, capitalization, stake. endorsement, recommendation. act (noun)
championship, patronage.
approval (noun)
approval, accreditation, assent, currency, stamp of approval, seal of approval, approbation, the thumbs up, rubber stamp.
artifact (noun)
assistance (noun)
aid, help, encouragement, sponsorship, subsidy.
backing (noun)
financial backing, funding, support, mount, championship, patronage, financial support.
financial backing (noun)
financial support.
patronage (noun)
auspice, Patronization.
support (noun)
buttress, Underpinning, championship, help, hinge, sponsorship, encouragement, aegis, patronage, aid, prop, subsidy, crutch, support, endorsement, bolster.


assisting (verb)
serving, fostering, Sustaining, Availing, Abetting, benefiting, helping, favoring, Succoring, Assisting, Aiding, upholding, supporting.
supporting (verb)
Bolstering, Hinging, buttressing.

Other synonyms:

bebop, bhangra, bluegrass, grubstake, kapok, acid house, encouragement, aegis, subsidization, ambient, Patronization, acid jazz, capitalization, background music, filling, auspice. lining, sponsorship, stuffing, blues. flock, recommendation, endorsement. capital, stake. pad. assistance
Other relevant words:
auspice, financial backing, subsidization, sponsorship, financial support, aid, bebop, capital, currency, mount, money, help, endorsement, capitalization, approbation, bhangra, aegis, championship, subsidy, blues, lining, encouragement, funding, pad, ambient, assent, approval, stake, Patronization, grubstake, bluegrass, recommendation, patronage.

Usage examples for backing

  1. How'll he ever manage to stand up to Terry unless he's got hidden backing – Black Jack by Max Brand
  2. You aren't backing out now, at the last minute, are you?" – Tom Swift and his Undersea Search or, The Treasure on the Floor of the Atlantic by Victor Appleton
  3. The work- train was backing into the station and would depart westward in short order. – The U.P. Trail by Zane Grey