Synonyms for Affair:


mission, politics, politically, case, obligation, public life, public affairs, politicize, responsibility, political, operation, administration (of an estate), question, government, politicking, province, duty, proceeding, affairs. entanglement, climate, state of affairs, dalliance, context, love affair, conditions, rendezvous, intrigue, relationship, background, environment. occurrence, revelation, event, surprise, shock, blow, scandal, incident, a first, zinger, a rude awakening, a blinding revelation/realization/vision, affront. fete, flirtation, courtship, love life, group, celebration, gala, festivity, work, party, DO, soiree, bash. article, entity, lookout, piece, object, bits and pieces, item, stuff, organism, relevant, whole. romance, love. affair (noun)
affaire, amour, intimacy, matter, involvement, thing, function, social function, liaison, occasion, social occasion.
business (noun)
firm, concern, market, commerce, occupation, establishment, exchange, proprietorship, corporation, assignment, holding, vocation, negotiation, service, merchant, commission, busy work, company, career, transaction, station, practice, business, position, calling, consortium, job, specialty, interest, trade, employment, labor, enterprise, management, venture, partnership, selling, barter, livelihood, activity, profession, posting, industry, situation, retailing.
cognition (noun)
thing, matter.
complexity (noun)
festival (noun)
illicit sexual relationship (noun)
amour, affaire, intimacy, intrigue, liaison, relationship, romance, love, rendezvous.
love affair (noun)
intrigue, dalliance.
matter or business to be taken care of; happening activity (noun)
job, thing, occurrence, interest, calling, incident, province, assignment, question, concern, proceeding, occupation, employment, pursuit, mission, event, transaction, undertaking, task, case, responsibility, project, duty, obligation, profession.
social gathering (noun)
venture (noun)
deed, project, scheme, production, exploit, feat, task, endeavor, undertaking, adventure, pursuit, campaign, maneuver, performance, procedure, initiative.

Other synonyms:

dalliance, love affair, love life, event, relationship, soiree, courtship, party. fete, gala, romance, flirtation. festivity, bash. lookout, celebration. love. love affair

Usage examples for affair

  1. Have I said anything but that for him who can wait it may be a good affair – Invisible Links by Selma Lagerlof
  2. Does he know anything about this Grantline affair – Astounding Stories of Super-Science, March 1930 by Various
  3. I have been wondering to- night whether I could hand the affair over to you. – Good Old Anna by Marie Belloc Lowndes