Synonyms for Band:


fillet, line, girth, orbit, sash, zodiac, organization, panel, tape, ribbon, twist, circumference, bandage, collar, scarf, meridian, flash mobbing, Support Group, zone, latitude, strip, thong, girdle, flash mob, commission, police. confines, cable, limit, range, check, dressing, trace, limitation, truss, harness, cord, wire, restriction, shackle, control, restraint, tendon, painter, constraint, boundary, ligature. association, brooch, costume jewelry, cameo, bangle, circlet, choker, gathering, anklet. characterize, classify, sort, ensemble, class, orchestra, grade, rank, categorize. downpour, dew, avalanche, cloudburst, blizzard, acid rain, dewdrop, deluge, curtain, matter, bandeau. bowl, cone, orb, coil, bubble, wheel, geometry, gyre, disk, balloon, ball, bulge, crescent. chamber orchestra, boy band, encompass, gird, gamelan, girl band, edge, combo, Engird, girt, begird, consort, brass band, Engirdle, compass. discoloration, fleck, splash, patina, dot, shading, point, speck, blaze. encircle, envelop, hem in, contain, enclose, kettle, engulf. band (noun)
circle, dance orchestra, stripe, lot, dance band, stria, set, striation, banding.
collection (noun)
medley, stew, bloc, salad, partnership, council, corps, college, formation, omnium-gatherum, assortment, federation.
cover (noun)
crew (noun)
cell, union, cabal, outfit, club, detail, caucus, collection, assemblage, herd, host, party, ring, brigade, colony, gang, retinue, complement, detachment, team, faction, school, fleet, crowd, squad, cadre, troupe, circle, troop, society, tribe, coalition, drove, force, platoon, litter, phalanx, league, aggregation, battalion, nest, body, junta, bevy, army, mob, sect, crew, pack, staff, posse, coterie, regiment, flock, company, wing, fraternity, covey, fellowship, division, clique, set, hive, assembly, clan.
fastener (noun)
buckle, hitch, closure, button, clip, lock, spike, catch, go-between, knitting, bracket, strap, clasp, tie, hasp, guy, vise, fastener, pin, chain, mucilage, cleat, stay, snap, rabbet, stitch, connector, hook, clamp, tack, knot, hinge, cement, Vinculum, weld, cincture, binding, bonding, string, fastening, hawser, braid, latch, nail, link, skewer, binder, fuse, bolt, anchor, medium, bond, middleman, splice, seal, ligament, rivet, agent, brad, glue, staple, mediator, grapnel, paste, coupling, thread, zipper, twine, brace, cotter, suture, cinch, clinch, lace, belt.
group (noun)
circle, set, lot.
group of people with same interest (noun)
clique, crew, party, collection, association, gathering, club, assembly, gang, outfit, bevy, bunch, society, corps, body, troop, company, covey, troupe, coterie.
jewelry (noun)
choker, cameo.
ligature (noun)
line (noun)
musical group (noun)
combo, orchestra, ensemble.
something which encircles (noun)
circle, stay, truss, line, tape, strip, strap, fillet, scarf, string, sash, ligature, binding, bandeau, cable, chain, ribbon, shackle, bandage, braid, tie, bond, link, harness, ring, belt, cord.
support (noun)
tie (noun)
zipper, tie.


co-operate (verb)
mesh, confederate, interplay, reciprocate, overlap, intertwine, interweave, interlace, collude, ally, trade, co-operate, dovetail, pool, affiliate, concur, participate, intermesh, collaborate, unite, associate, share.
collect (verb)
assemble, aggregate, collect, collate, mix, bunch, group, compose.
contact (verb)
group or join group (verb)
ally, league, affiliate, unite, team.

Other synonyms:

circlet, chamber orchestra, bangle, gamelan, choker, gyre, blizzard, dew, bandeau, sash, begird, Engirdle, cloudburst, zone, girl band, avalanche, brass band, discoloration, costume jewelry, boy band, downpour, Engird, dewdrop, fillet, brooch, girt, speck, anklet. deluge, girth, encompass, orchestra, bowl, ensemble, curtain, fleck, girdle, cameo, patina, crescent, combo, shading, disk, bubble. bulge, orb, organization, blaze, cone, splash, gird. dot, balloon. wheel, coil. ball. point. arow
hem in, Engirdle, Engird.
Other relevant words:
fillet, girth, stripe, girt, gird, zone, striation, strip, orchestra, ensemble, bandage, girdle, line.

Usage examples for band

  1. Who saw the band – The Bride of Messina A Tragedy by Frederich Schiller
  2. This was not the same band I had seen at first. – Astounding Stories of Super-Science, March 1930 by Various
  3. Who, then, can be following so large a band and for what purpose? – The Flamingo Feather by Kirk Munroe