Synonyms for Compose:


atmospherics, go into, baton, belong to, blast, articulation, accompany, beat out, make up, blast away, consist of, bang out, back, enter into. put together, copy down, commit something to paper/writing, set down, get down, note, put pen to paper. create, imagine, start-off, turn out, bring about, inaugurate, author, originate, conceive, produce, blot out, cancel, catalyze, set off, dash off, trigger. come out, focus, pap, expose, blow up, capture, photograph. be. configure, pattern. restraint, contain, simmer down. compose (noun)
frame, outline, pen, indite, compile, draw up, write.


be part of construction (verb)
constitute, go into, belong to, construct, compound, form, make, comprise, make up, fashion, consist of, build.
calm (verb)
console, appease, assuage, quell, placate, still, sedate, lull, allay.
calm, bring under control (verb)
simmer down, appease, arrange, moderate, allay, soothe, restrain, ease, regulate, lull, collect, control, adjust, placate, console, still, relax, tranquilize, reconcile, soften, quell, settle, cool, pacify, contain, quiet, assuage.
collect (verb)
band, assemble, collect, aggregate, mix, bunch.
combine (verb)
conglomerate, incorporate, brew, fuse, amalgamate, compound, combine, blend, infuse, concoct.
compose (verb)
embody, embrace, include, invent, compile.
create writing, artwork, or music (verb)
fabricate, imagine, devise, cast, orchestrate, bang out, ghostwrite, formulate, indite, frame, originate, author, pen, put pen to paper, design, draw up, turn out, write, invent, score, produce, conceive.
creation (verb)
include (verb)
enmesh, encompass, marry, comprise, wed, involve, envelop, entangle.
moderate (verb)
calm, restrain, moderate, quiet, relax, alleviate, abate, pacify, soften, tranquilize, soothe, ease, cool, subdue.
order (verb)
integrate, unsnarl, stabilize, harmonize, pigeonhole, plan, establish, devise, adjust, settle, collate, group, rationalize, regulate, frame, design, categorize, fix, classify, Methodize, class, score, unify, schedule, structure, mediate, arrange, sift, set, chart, form, scheme, maintain, plot, screen, normalize, array, balance, cast, place, program, organize, rank, rate, sort, support, schematize, grade, separate, type, shape, subordinate, right, orchestrate, stratify, order, prepare, marshal, systematize, control.
pacify (verb)
ebb, defuse, relieve, conciliate, smooth, reconcile, mollify, hush.
prepare (verb)
ready, develop, draft, curry, mobilize, formulate, fit, furnish, fashion, prime, construct, foster, outfit, dress, make, fabricate, equip.
structure (verb)
build, constitute.
write (verb)
portray, rewrite, transcribe, record, correspond, ghostwrite, write.

Other synonyms:

photograph, configure, copy down. set down. pap, get down, make up. author, contain. expose, produce. blow up, focus. capture. note. come out. calm
simmer down.
make up.
make up
set off.
put together
put together.
bang out.
Other relevant words:
author, contain, capture, simmer down, create, put pen to paper, outline, pattern, imagine, go into, put together, draw up, conceive, bang out, enter into, indite, pen, pap, consist of, make up, inaugurate, dash off, configure, bring about, produce, originate, note, belong to.

Usage examples for compose

  1. After Estelle had gone to her own room for the night, Aurora sat down to compose an answer to Gerald's letter. – Aurora the Magnificent by Gertrude Hall
  2. She was far too early awake, but could not compose herself to lie for another moment in bed. – Mary, Mary by James Stephens Commentator: Padraic Colum
  3. " Come, madame," he added respectfully, " compose yourself; I am going to the Bank at once." – Cousin Betty by Honore de Balzac