Synonyms for Feel:


consider, incline, adhere to, know best, believe in, say, reckon, have a mind of your own. facet, peculiarity, component, feature, factor, property, nature. discern, tell, identify, spot, pick out, recognize. be, go, appear, come over, become, grow, form. knowledge, let yourself go, nurse, tingle, overflow, walk away with, burn, give up to, possess. grasp, grip, seek, Grabble, clutch, poke, handling, tap. meet, pick up, participate, prove, pat, taste, gather up, suffer, pluck. hunt down, intuit, apprehend, scavenge, search, look for, look out for, search out, pick through, seek out. endure, be reared on something, feelings. commiserate, compassionate, sympathize, to the touch, ache, pity, finish, yearn. believe, think, hold. investigate, send up a trial balloon, put out feelers. air (noun)
caress (noun)
embrace, squeeze, hug.
feel (noun)
sense, flavour, look, finger, tone, tactile property, experience, feeling, spirit, find, smell, palpate, flavor.
feel for (noun)
sense (noun)
texture (noun)
fineness, tissue, pile, grit, nap, weave, fabric, web, surface, smoothness, granulation, grain, roughness, coarseness, material, texture.
texture; air (noun)
feeling, touch, finish, surface, sensation, sense.


believe (verb)
consider, think, hold, intuit.
cognition (verb)
emotion (verb)
experience (verb)
discern, taste, appear, meet, endure, undergo, suffer.
feel (verb)
fumble, respond, experience, handle, grope, undergo, probe.
sense (verb)
detect, sense, perceive.
touch (verb)
contact, paw, finger, brush, skim, manipulate, palm, palpate, ply, kiss, graze, touch, caress, twiddle, rub.
touch, stroke (verb)
poke, clutch, palpate, handle, palm, ply, paw, caress, grope, fumble, manipulate, perceive, squeeze, finger, grasp, twiddle, grip.

Other synonyms:

intuit, give up to, be, gather up, Grabble. ache, possess, commiserate, endure. become, walk away with, come over, yearn, prove, tingle. compassionate, suffer, grow, overflow. apprehend, taste, believe, poke, nurse, pat. form, think, pity, pluck. air, go, finish. tap. meet, hold. pick up. believe
look for.
handle, palpate, palm.

Usage examples for feel

  1. But I wish I could make you feel the way I do about it. – Red Pepper Burns by Grace S. Richmond
  2. He said to his friend: 'If I do not feel better soon, I think I had better go home. – Slips of Speech by John H. Bechtel
  3. We shall feel that! – The Ego and His Own by Max Stirner