Synonyms for Bug:


contagion, epidemic, flaw, blemish, imperfection, defect, fault. counterintelligence, double agent, espionage, zealot, fanatic, industrial espionage, collaboration, agent, collaborator, devotee, enthusiast, collaborate. frustrate, antagonize, madden, infuriate, provoke, microorganism, drive someone mad, bother, anger, annoy, irritate. concern, buff, fan, maniac, creepy-crawly, nut, fiend, worm, crawler, freak. bacterium, microorganism (noun)
infection, virus, germ, microbe, disease.
bug (noun)
hemipteran, microbe, intercept, badger, pester, hemipteron, wiretap, glitch, germ, tease, harass, tap, Hemipterous Insect, beleaguer.
computer glitch (noun)
breakdown, flaw, defect, fault.
disease (noun)
condition, curse, feverishness, fever, attack, symptom, ailment, handicap, syndrome, breakdown, Sickliness, ague, unhealthiness, disorder, debility, infirmity, illness, infliction, malady, sickness, pestilence, collapse, infection, affection, spasm, complication, complaint, indisposition, virus, disability, queasiness, disease, decrepitude, apoplexy, malaise, nausea.
error (noun)
insect (noun)
beetle, vermin, pest.
obsession (noun)


bother, disturb (verb)
harass, badger, irritate, provoke, annoy, pester.
listen to without permission (verb)
wiretap, tap.

Other synonyms:

espionage, industrial espionage, collaborator, collaboration, automatic hyphenation, microorganism, browse mode, autoflow, creepy-crawly, double agent, pest, enthusiast, file format, counterintelligence, autosave, clip art. crawler, blemish, clipboard, annoy, defect, flaw, maniac, imperfection, devotee. irritate, worm, freak, shortcoming, bother. fiend, agent. fanatic, provoke, fault. nut, edit. field. aggravate
provoke, nag.
hemipterous insect
Hemipterous Insect.
Other relevant words:
fault, bother, buff, beleaguer, germ, badger, fiend, annoy, intercept, anger, edit, beetle, shortcoming, tease, enthusiasm, tap, insect, pest, imperfection, maniac, pester, harass, glitch, worm, wiretap, irritate, espionage, creepy-crawly, defect, fanatic, microbe, devotee, microorganism, nag, agent, freak, madden, Hemipterous Insect, nut, provoke, enthusiast, counterintelligence, collaboration, hemipteron, flaw, fan, frustrate, blemish, vermin, hemipteran, zealot, infuriate.

Usage examples for bug

  1. Soon, from under another leaf, came hopping a black bug not quite as large as the green one. – The Story of a Monkey on a Stick by Laura Lee Hope
  2. We'll be snug as a bug in a bushel basket. – The Blue Envelope by Roy J. Snell
  3. Corliss was humorously aware of his advantage: his greeting seemed really to say, " Hello, my funny bug here you are again!" – The Flirt by Booth Tarkington