Synonyms for Passage:


decriminalize, journey, codify, bring in, trek, backdate, abolish, amend, come in, abrogate, voyage, crossing, criminalize. alcove, body, brickwork, bay, tunnel, cornerstone, addition, catacombs, ceiling, entrance, balcony, beading. track, paragraph, portion, direction, section, line, reading, angle. annex, box, change, attachment, shift, contents, amendment, attention line, coda, foot, annexe, blank. cavity, apparatus, guts, part, entrails, organ, organic, chamber, segment, innards. chapter, block, day, epoch, date, distance, duration, countdown, era, delay. commute, exploration, circuit, drive, day trip, excursion. act (noun)
artery (noun)
cartage (noun)
cartage, Truckage, luggage, carriage, shipment, freight, cargo, shipping, conveyance, haulage, transportation, baggage, transference, transport, forwarding.
conduit (noun)
canal, conduit, sluice, duct, pipe, way, gutter, sewer, culvert, ditch, trench, aqueduct, channel, course.
corridor (noun)
breezeway, gallery, hall, colonnade, passageway, corridor, hallway, arcade.
excerpt from document (noun)
reading, portion, transition, section, paragraph.
motion (noun)
activity, action, mobility, procession, locomotion, motion, movement, flux, transition, motility.
passage (noun)
handing over, passageway, passing, transition, infiltration, transit, permeation, enactment, percolation, musical passage, infusion.
travel (noun)
crossing, change, movement, trek, motion, transference, transit, journey, voyage, passing.

Other synonyms:

track, entrance, crossing. segment, reading, direction. section, angle. line. part. transit
transit, journey.

Usage examples for passage

  1. " He was standing in the mouth of the passage opposite," I said, " and watched me as I went in." – Oddsfish! by Robert Hugh Benson
  2. A passage or corridor was not required. – Bygone Cumberland and Westmorland by Daniel Scott
  3. Find that passage of which you spoke. – Dramatic Technique by George Pierce Baker