Synonyms for Guise:


externals, under/in the guise of, effect, aspect, Styling, surface, look, cast. false colors, put on, face, semblance, color, veneer, veil, mask, window dressing, Disguisement, coloring, gloss, cloak. turnout, Habiliment, garb, costume, rig, outfit, getup, dress. air (noun)
appearance (noun)
appearance, pretense (noun)
semblance, behavior, cloak, mask, demeanor, dress, facade, cover, face, disguise, form, pose, air, front, Disguisement, aspect, color, show.
attribute (noun)
pretext, pretense, pretence.
behavior (noun)
tactics, conduct, manner, countenance, demeanor, practice, method, carriage, deportment, comportment, way, bearing, procedure, behavior.
clothing (noun)
guise (noun)
pretext, pretense, pretence.
pretension (noun)
forgery, impersonation, artificiality, affectation, charade, masquerade, fraud, deceit, bluff, pretension, cover, imposture, ostentation, front, pretense, stage, gimmick, show, facade, imitation, claim, mannerism, falseness, disguise, pose, device, fakery, counterfeit, air.
semblance (noun)
study at appearance, form, appearance.

Other synonyms:

getup, false colors, appearance, Habiliment, Disguisement, window dressing. garb, costume, color. rig, outfit, veneer, coloring. turnout, gloss, cloak. put on, veil, mask. face. Other relevant words:
Disguisement, cast, appearance, coloring, pretext, veneer, air, mask, garb, window dressing, false colors, pretence, look, outfit, form, rig, costume, cloak, semblance, effect, turnout, dress, getup, aspect, Habiliment, veil, put on, face, color, gloss.

Usage examples for guise

  1. Even through all the round, I kept my place by Dr. Sandford's side, doing whatever was wanted of me, attending, at least in outward guise to what was going on. – Daisy in the Field by Elizabeth Wetherell
  2. In such guise Tony Stretton came to Fez. – The Truants by A. E. W. (Alfred Edward Woodley) Mason
  3. Well, he continued, I suggested to Schumann the wild idea- as it seemed to us at first- of getting into the islands in the guise of a candidate for the parish of Myredale. – The Spy in Black by J. Storer Clouston