Synonyms for Model:


duplicate (adjective)
imitation, duplicate, counterfeit, equivalent, facsimile.
model (adjective)
simulation, sample, instance, ideal, prototype, example, archetypal, exemplary, image, specimen.
perfect (adjective)


story, profile, heroine, epitome, mirror, characterization, beau ideal, description, version, tale. stereotype, the personification of something, skeleton, template, portrait, print, reduction, engraving, relief. sitter, create, base on, craft, execute, mint. same, thoroughbred, phenomenon, the sublime, inspiration, marvel, masterpiece, dream, miracle. line, byproduct, commodity, brand leader, lineup, brand name, brand, end product, generation, derivative, good. pin down, delineate, define, set out, describe, paint, exemplify, set forth. mockup, exploded, cutaway, casting, cardboard cut-out. fashion house, house, goth, fashion, haute couture, collection, catwalk, couturier, fashionista, fashion show. tracing, forgery, transcript, photocopy. perfectly, ideally, flawless, above/beyond reproach, impeccable, perfect, infallible, watertight. beau ideal (noun)
good example.
doll (noun)
figurine, manikin.
duplicate (noun)
resemblance, counterfeit, ditto, xerox, simulacrum, clone, carbon, icon, parody, double, reproduction.
gauge (noun)
gauge, yardstick.
good person (noun)
good man, gentlewoman, good example, salt of the earth, good woman, gentleman, angel, paragon, saint, hero, worthy.
measure (noun)
model (noun)
simulate, fashion model, poser, worthy, pilot, mock up, mannequin, experimental, role model, sit, modelling, manikin, empirical, trial, pose, modeling, exemplary, test, example, manakin, framework, posture, exemplar, good example, pattern, theoretical account, mannikin, simulation, mould, mold.
person, thing that poses (noun)
mannequin, sitter, manikin.
prototype (noun)
pattern, paradigm, mould, genotype, norm, bench mark, archetype, exemplar, yardstick, standard.
type, version (noun)


creation (verb)
display, pose (verb)
represent, sit.
duplicate (verb)
form, shape (verb)
create, fashion, cast.
prototype (verb)
imagine, figure, shape, form.
represent (verb)
replicate, render, imitate, illustrate, portray, depict, ape, duplicate, simulate, represent.

Other synonyms:

phenomenon, epitome, flawless, watertight, the sublime, dream, beau ideal, impeccable, inspiration, ideally, marvel. template, perfectly, mint, masterpiece, miracle, guide, create, infallible, base on, thoroughbred. stereotype. execute, mirror, craft. perfect. mannikin

Usage examples for model

  1. Accordingly, in the summer vacation of that year I started off, taking with me two little fellows from our Institution- Charlie and Ben, and also a model which I had made of the Shingwauk Home. – Missionary Work Among The Ojebway Indians by Edward Francis Wilson
  2. You could ask her to model – Joe Burke's Last Stand by John Moncure Wetterau
  3. But where did that model come from? – Public Opinion by Walter Lippmann