Synonyms for Face:


outward (adjective)
surface, exterior, outer, outward, objective, external, extrinsic, outside.


features, address, map, countenance, see about, combat, puss, handle, silhouette, visage, make the best of something, profile, appearance, do something, physiognomy, pan, take something on board, mug, tackle. quality, component, peculiarity, property, nature, dial, factor, plane. externals, Styling, effect, under/in the guise of. precede, set, lie, feature, occupy, kisser, muzzle, sit, concentrate, get, belong, exist, there is/are etc.. copper, change, cash, coinage, express, cast, bread, bucks, banknote, bill, coin. society, humanity, your fellow man/men, moue, the many, folk, mouth, pout, human, people. escarpment, cap, the brow, crag, Brae, brink, crest, divide, cairn, crown. come under, be in dire/desperate straits, status, prestige, undergo, standing, suffer, be in the grip of something, go through, respect, endure, incur, not know where/which way to turn. Chops, frontispiece, frontage, frontal, looks. veneer, semblance, pretext, masquerade, veil, take up, window dressing, race, play, Disguisement, duel, cloak, contest, guise, color, mask, coloring, ride, false colors, meet, cover, disguise, pretense, enter, put on, gloss. top, glare, eye, long face. movement, crystal, lcd, minute hand, hour hand, fob, hand, led. appearance (noun)
light, visage, presentation.
authority, status (noun)
self-respect, reputation, dignity, prestige, standing.
body (noun)
human face.
cliff (noun)
face (noun)
cheek, facing, front, aspect, look, fount, facial expression, font, nerve, typeface, grimace, face up, confront, boldness, brass, human face, side, expression.
face to face (noun)
facing, opposite.
facial expression (noun)
appearance, cast.
front (noun)
point, front, forefront, nose, scout, forepart, bow, vanguard, anterior, avant-garde, leader.
front of something; expression, exterior (noun)
profile, disguise, frontal, light, look, silhouette, grimace, pout, frontispiece, aspect, surface, map, semblance, guise, cast, physiognomy, visage, presentation, appearance, dial, mask, frontage, features, top, countenance, mug, kisser.
prestige (noun)
standing, self-respect, dignity, reputation, status.
pretense, nerve (noun)
front, cloak, cheek, effrontery, gall, chutzpah, brass, veil, audacity, boldness, cover.
uppishness (noun)
uppityness (noun)


be opposite; look at (verb)
come up against a situation (verb)
brave, affront, withstand, encounter, challenge, contend, meet, dare, stand, endure, resist, deal with, defy, confront, oppose, cross, suffer.
communication (verb)
confront, face up.
confront (verb)
brave, deal with.
contend (verb)
brawl, clash, argue, vie, wrestle, hassle, dispute, antagonize, quarrel, stand, conflict, oppose, encounter, bicker, defend, wrangle, withstand, protest, contend, struggle, contrast.
line (verb)
line, Interline, inlay, insulate, pack, wad, pad.
put paint or finish on (verb)
line, veneer, side.

Other synonyms:

audaciousness, pan, brashness, status, rudeness, mug, lcd, tackle, frontispiece, contest, standing, semblance, opposite, contour, prestige, forwardness, dial, endure, perimeter, cusp, effrontery, handle, masquerade, puss, guise, visage, discourtesy, led. past, muzzle, veneer, crust, coloring, pertness, insolence, disguise, glare, gall, audacity, disrespect, combat, sauce. pretext, feature, Familiarity, fob, sector, cloak, gloss, mouth, effect, map. cover, duel, crystal. veil, race, mask, assumption, put on, meet. enter, top, pretense. ride, color, address, center, take up. eye, movement, lie. hand. play. corner. countenance
countenance, look.
Other relevant words:
mug, look, gall, meet, frontal, aspect, appearance, self-respect, cover, cheek, brass, grimace, endure, crust, mouth, expression, feature, physiognomy, visage, countenance, nerve, veneer.

Usage examples for face

  1. Arnold, look me in the face – In Luck at Last by Walter Besant
  2. Bet noticed the difference in her father's face at once. – The Merriweather Girls and the Mystery of the Queen's Fan by Lizette M. Edholm