Synonyms for Manner:


certainly (adverb)
surely, without doubt, of course.


spirit, disposition, human nature, inclination, schtick, outlook, instinct, posture. habit, use, basis. chivalry, modus operandi, civility, tact, grace, gentility, gallantry, wise, breeding, courtesy. presence, address, local color, be, trick or treat, legacy, institution, manners. habitude, usual, usance, wont, consuetude, praxis, usage. good form, mores, decorum. tone, vein. feather, stripe, variety, kind, breed, mold, lot, group, order, species, ilk, persuasion, cast, description, stamp, type, nature. appearance (noun)
cast, stamp, countenance, carriage, guise.
approach (noun)
method, course, modus operandi, program.
attitude (noun)
bearing (noun)
behavior (noun)
air, practice, comportment, carriage, deportment, behavior, bearing, method, conduct, procedure, way, tactics, demeanor, guise, countenance.
carriage (noun)
conformity (noun)
conformance, adherence, tradition, congruity, ritual, custom, formality, etiquette, regularity, acquiescence, conformity, submission, convention, propriety, accordance, obedience, correctness, consistency, compliance, observance, submissiveness.
manner (noun)
custom, demeanor, comportment, practice, usage, habit, process, way, nature, use, fashion, mode, consuetude, habitude, wise, vein, breed, tone, system, presence, air, type, kind, style, technique, personal manner, bearing, variety, deportment, address, wont, procedure.
method (noun)
discipline, process, program, schema, tactic, scheme, mechanism, approach, course, system, trajectory, technique.

Other synonyms:

mores, consuetude, usance, good form, praxis, habitude, habit, ilk. modus operandi, feather, species, type. decorum, stripe. usage, variety, basis. mold, description, presence, tone. breed, persuasion. vein. lot, nature. order. practice
Other relevant words:
consuetude, style, presence, use, nature, civility, kind, cast, habit, good form, group, vein, spirit, wise, inclination, lot, stripe, mode, type, description, tone, ilk, air, habitude, species, mores, praxis, modus operandi, usance, variety, order, usage, mold, manners, fashion, decorum, stamp, basis, posture, feather, persuasion, courtesy, disposition, wont, breed, address, personal manner.

Usage examples for manner

  1. Mell nodded her head in a satisfied manner – Nine Little Goslings by Susan Coolidge
  2. " You get them for me," said Margrave with a change of manner quick!" – The Main Chance by Meredith Nicholson
  3. In what manner did this man save your life? – Helmet of Navarre by Bertha Runkle