Synonyms for Matter:


stormy, the matter, one thing after another, uneasy, trouble is brewing (for), Houston, we have a problem, unforeseen, it's not someone's day, in the wrong place at the wrong time, acrimonious. climate, context, state of affairs, environment, conditions, interest, focus, situation, resolution, background. agent, solid, concern, concentrate, undertaking, circumstance, powder, wax. fester, materiality, defense mechanism, cross-contamination, antibody, carrier, candida, cross infection, biosecurity, contagion, defense. figure, emphasize, lie at the heart of something, predominate, come before, loom large, dominate. sec, second, moment, subject matter, a bit, instant, bout, short-term, split second, meaning, minute. ground, referent, business. important, signify, import. amount (noun)
cognition (noun)
subject, topic, issue.
component (noun)
element, factor, part, material, item, section, fragment, ingredient, percentage, piece, feature, medium, fraction, member, article, constituent, filament, portion, segment, component.
concern, issue (noun)
affair, subject, question, circumstance, topic, business, situation, undertaking.
difficulty (noun)
distress, trouble, difficulty, perplexity.
difficulty, problem (noun)
perplexity, trouble, distress.
in fact (noun)
truly, in actuality, really.
material (noun)
staple, raw materials, ore, stock.
matter (noun)
affair, thing, subject, issue, topic, count, substance, weigh.
pus (noun)
infection, sore, discharge.
relevance (noun)
secretion of a sore (noun)
infection, discharge.
significance, meaning (noun)
moment, import.
subject, thesis (noun)
resolution, substance, point, subject matter, argument, focus, context, text, theme, interest, motif.
substance (noun)
element, material, thing, object, unit, stuff, something, substantiality, substance, body.


be of consequence, importance (verb)
signify, weigh, count.
stative (verb)
weigh, count.

Other synonyms:

concentrate, referent, circumstance, powder. materiality, emphasize, wax, predominate, come before, subject matter, dominate. signify. import. solid. business, agent. figure. ground. affair
concern, interest, affair.
Other relevant words:
concern, affair, meaning, count, distress, difficulty, materiality, fester, moment, referent, undertaking, perplexity, article, business, signify, wax, truly, import, context, circumstance, focus, figure, weigh, important, situation, powder, agent, substantiality, ground, discharge, resolution, interest, trouble.

Usage examples for matter

  1. But I don't think that would matter – A Second Coming by Richard Marsh
  2. There is a matter between us that hasn't been settled. – King Spruce, A Novel by Holman Day
  3. Can nothing be done in the matter – Patty's Success by Carolyn Wells