Synonyms for Dash:


air bag, demister, bucket seat, dimmer, spurt, sortie, accelerator, booster seat, dashboard, defogger, back seat. quad, come, baton, dead heat, mark, drop back, ahead, the blocks, clock, punctuation, false start. alphanumeric, sprinkle, splash, pinch, tinge, code name, taste, CODED, excess, squirt, sprinkling, part, cryptogram, scattering, cryptography, cipher, quantity, suggestion, CAPTCHA, hint, too much, code, zest, seasoning, little, suspicion. audacity, confidence, fling, chutzpah, shy, hurtle, sling, launch, temerity, cast, pride, assurance, heave, fire, self-confidence, move, toss, throw, hurl, self-assurance, composure, pitch, self-esteem. knock, batter, bespatter, spray, slop, strike, splatter, spatter, thump, beat, swash, slosh, bang. can, C, bucket, bed, batch, zip, wing, hotfoot, sail, hustle, bowlful, whiz, zoom, barrel, haste, nip, whisk, bowl, bustle, rocket, highball, cake, whirl, pelt, hasten, bite, rip, consumption, fly, festinate, scour. chase, be quick. tingle, a touch of something, element, sliver, vestige, measure. stampede, a race against time, a mad dash/rush, panic, surge. attribute (noun)
flair, panache, style, elan.
courage (noun)
dash (noun)
crash, scud, sprint, style, shoot, scare away, frighten off, scare off, daunt, scare, bolt, scoot, panache, smash, hyphen, pall, dah, flair, dart, elan, frighten away, flash.
dash off (noun)
grain, bit, race, spurt, little, rush, smidgen, drop, sprint, suggestion, hint, pinch, bolt, run, touch, dart, tinge, trace.
fast race for short distance (noun)
haste, run, dart, sortie, zip, spurt, bolt, sprint, rush.
flair, style (noun)
flourish, panache.
haste (noun)
hint (noun)
ostentation (noun)
garishness, formality, fuss, affectedness, grandiosity, flamboyance, rakishness, exhibitionism, boastfulness, blatancy, splendor, flashiness, sensationalism, opulence, jauntiness, histrionics, pomp and circumstance, dramatics, showmanship, pomp, Flagrancy, snazziness, Bravura, shamelessness, parade, pomposity, swaggar, pageantry, ornateness, ostentation, grandiloquence, vanity, gaudiness, showiness, flourish, bravado, splashiness.
particle (noun)
bit, touch, Flyspeck, smithereen, trace, shred, modicum, smidgen, drop, scrap, atom, speck, pittance, whit, morsel, particle, crumb, granule, dab, grain, mite, iota.
punctuation (noun)
brace, bracket, apostrophe, colon, bullet point, bad break, ampersand, comma, bullet.
small amount; suggestion (noun)
touch, drop, bit, seasoning, smidgen, little, suspicion, trace, tinge, squirt, grain, part, sprinkle, pinch, taste, zest, sprinkling, hint, scattering.


break by hitting or throwing violently (verb)
fling, splash, cast, beat, sling, throw, plunge, hurtle, crash, hurl, splatter, smash.
change (verb)
contact (verb)
disappoint (verb)
dishearten, thwart, disappoint, discourage, disillusion, disconcert.
discourage, frustrate (verb)
disappoint, nip, thwart, blight.
motion (verb)
flash, shoot, scud, dart, scoot.
run (verb)
hurry, bound, race, scramble, lope, rush, scamper, gallop, scoot, scurry, jog, plunge, canter, run, tear, dart, sprint, trot.
run very fast for short distance (verb)
gallop, scoot, race, hurry, scamper, shoot, bound, hasten, course, tear, chase, speed, scurry, fly.
speed (verb)
hurry, rush, speed, gallop.

Other synonyms:

dimmer, false start, back seat, booster seat, dashboard, bucket seat, vestige, stampede, slosh, festinate, cast up, accelerator, defogger, splatter, punctuation, dead heat, drop back, clock, air bag, demister, throw. sliver, highball, blight, hotfoot, launch, hurl, bespatter, zoom, bustle, rocket, whisk. nip, fire, hurtle, spray, rip, squirt, slop, sling, zip, hasten, toss, sail, baton. bucket, pitch, heave, tinge, whiz, come, tingle. crest, hint, haste, hustle, whirl, fling, panic. deepen, element. cast, fly, chase, burst, channel. come in, surge, ahead. course. measure. catch. hasten
Other relevant words:
bustle, bespatter, launch, strike, chase, heave, fly, smash, dashboard, fire, splash, bang, hurl, fling, thump, tinge, shy, knock, slosh, hint, throw, suggestion, zip, scour, hustle, vestige, blight, pitch, sling, spatter, swash, shoot, sprinkling, bolt, cast, hyphen, pelt, haste, splatter, toss, scud, hasten.

Usage examples for dash

  1. She had only to speak a few words to dash to the ground all Maritza's hopes of success. – Princess Maritza by Percy Brebner
  2. The trader looked at the watch as if he intended to make a dash to recover it, but the girl kept him steadily covered with his own revolver. – Mystery Ranch by Arthur Chapman
  3. Dash it, General, we must do as we'd be done by. – Loyalties (Fifth Series Plays) by John Galsworthy Last Updated: February 10, 2009