Synonyms for Clan:


house, gaggle, rogues' gallery, moiety. patriarchy, flesh and blood, dynasty, a broken home, unit, One Parent Family, kith and kin, Single Parent Family, nuclear family. blood relative (noun)
kin, kindred.
category (noun)
genus, stamp, taxonomy, step, species, series, kingdom, stock, make, sort, breed, order, strain, kind, label, grade, mold, line, genotype, feather, level, race, classification, phylum, style, brand, category, variety, caste, class, denomination, degree, rank, form, ilk, designation, type, stripe, persuasion, grain, people.
clan (noun)
kin group, tribe, kinship group, kin, kindred.
crew (noun)
fraternity, tribe, colony, party, mob, fellowship, sect, coalition, cadre, regiment, league, detachment, battalion, cabal, pack, union, squad, crew, circle, gang, covey, body, aggregation, host, caucus, school, posse, set, bevy, club, drove, cell, herd, collection, clique, junta, assembly, hive, society, assemblage, flock, force, brigade, phalanx, platoon, detail, nest, group, troupe, staff, coterie, bunch, complement, faction, division, litter, army, retinue, troop, band, wing, crowd, company, string, outfit, fleet, team, ring.
ethnic group (noun)
family, clique (noun)
band, ring, gang, group, moiety, outfit, society, race, set, mob, house, club, stock, coterie, bunch, sect, crowd, faction, tribe, crew.
family relationship (noun)
group (noun)
kin group, tribe, kinship group, kin, kindred.
kinship (noun)
fatherhood, consanguinity, sisterhood, maternity, flesh, kinfolk, aunt, niece, motherhood, brother, ancestor, kinship, kin, heredity, relative, mother, brotherhood, lineage, relation, uncle, nephew, paternity, Family, blood, sister, cousin, father.

Other synonyms:

One Parent Family, Single Parent Family, nuclear family. patriarchy, rogues' gallery, gaggle. dynasty. house. unit.

Usage examples for clan

  1. D. 7.- But neither firmness nor clemency availed to put an end to the desperate struggle for freedom maintained by the one clan in Britain which still held out against the Roman yoke. – Early Britain--Roman Britain by Edward Conybeare