Synonyms for Habit:


comedown, manner, penchant, abuse, susceptibility, cold turkey, bias, attitude, gravitation, clean, predisposition, way, weakness, crack den, crackhouse, propensity, fashion, bent, proneness, inclination, turn, bust, proclivity, persuasion. dirndl, rule, practice, mode, evening dress, cocktail dress, cheongsam, ballgown, formal. take to, common practice, daily life, as is someone's wont, hang up, fixation, obsession. habitude, praxis, consuetude, usual. build, body, constitution, habitus, physique. put on. act (noun)
article of clothing (noun)
clothing (noun)
fez, pants, bathrobe, kilt, crinoline, tuxedo, cloak, cape, jacket, ensemble, windbreaker, overcoat, tunic, petticoat, raincoat, caftan, halter, chemise, jumper, skirt, attire, blue jeans, smock, brassiere, homburg, headdress, turtle-neck, pinafore, fedora, sarong, garb, shawl, vesture, greatcoat, frock, shorts, shirt, doublet, robe, trousers, array, burnoose, pull over, bowler, smoking jacket, pyjamas, garment, corset, kimono, clothes, dinner jacket, stetson, clothing, vestment, dress, ulster, blouse, wrap, costume, pea coat, hat, wrapper, sports coat, dressing gown, sari, afghan, shoes, topcoat, pillbox, footgear, panties, sweat suit, beret, jersey, raiment, apparel, housecoat, slicker, pajamas, sweater, chapeau, sweat shirt, duds, stockings, slacks, mackintosh, nightgown, blazer, v neck, parka, trimming, coat, gown, evening gown, scarf, trench coat, suit, boot, t-shirt, fur, poncho, outfit, camisole, bonnet.
cognition (noun)
dress (noun)
dress, clothing, often for a particular purpose (noun)
garb, Habiliment, robe, vestment, garment, apparel, costume.
frequency (noun)
oftenness, commonness, frequency.
habit (noun)
mannerism, substance abuse, routine, drug abuse, disposition, addiction, acclimation, daily grind, way of life, regularity, instinct, trait, Familiarity, wont, fixed ways, temperament, tradition, rut, use, second nature, tendency, treadmill, leaning, custom, conventionality.
substance abuse (noun)
drug abuse, substance abuse.
suit (noun)
tendency, practice (noun)
manner, mannerism, mode, rule, propensity, predisposition, proclivity, proneness, disposition, susceptibility, rut, gravitation, habitude, bias, wont, bent, praxis, fixation, addiction, inclination, fashion, persuasion, way, penchant, obsession, turn, consuetude, routine, second nature, use, constitution, weakness, custom.

Other synonyms:

practice, consuetude, proclivity, daily life, praxis, habitus. manner, physique. rule. constitution. manner
Other relevant words:
habitus, mode, constitution, persuasion, propensity, consuetude, manner, habitude, rule, weakness, fashion, bent, predisposition, turn, proneness, way, practice, Habiliment, attitude, praxis, penchant, drug abuse, substance abuse, physique, inclination, build, gravitation, take to, use, common practice, usual, bias, fixation, obsession, proclivity, susceptibility.

Usage examples for habit

  1. Madam Imbert walked a little way behind her, as was her habit – The Expressman and the Detective by Allan Pinkerton
  2. A man of your will- power has no need whatever to give way to such a habit – Into the Primitive by Robert Ames Bennet