Synonyms for Pure:


absolute (adjective)
entire, crashing.
absolute, utter (adjective)
thorough, sheer, unqualified, unmitigated.
all (adjective)
antiseptic (adjective)
sterile, unpolluted.
artless (adjective)
beautiful (adjective)
celibate (adjective)
unplowed, chaste, maiden, monkish, monastic, old maid, spinsterish, asexual, celibate, virginal, single, unmarried, bachelor, unwed, lone, alone, abstinent, intact, abstemious, solitary, ascetic.
clean (adjective)
sanitary, sterile, spick-and-span, orderly, fastidious, uncontaminated, unsoiled, unstained, hygienic, Taintless, neat, tidy.
clean, uncontaminated (adjective)
stainless, sterile, Taintless, sanitary, immaculate, unpolluted, pristine, unsoiled, sterilized, unsullied, unspotted, untainted, spotless, purified, untarnished, unstained, unblemished, refined.
innocent (adjective)
uncorrupted, untainted, unstained, angelical, irreproachable, undefiled.
mere (adjective)
perfect (adjective)
pure (adjective)
formative, innocent, honorable, elemental, virtuous, Simon-pure, spotless, decent, unalloyed, unadulterated, basal, faultless, stainless, foundational, monolithic, fundamental, austere, guiltless, elementary, unblemished, angelic, blameless, indivisible, irreducible, plain, unsullied, bare, undiluted, basic, untarnished, essential, primary, undefiled, chaste, primal, uncluttered, nascent, aboriginal, white, clear, atomic, stark, untainted, immaculate, unadorned, simple, sinless, clean, purebred, prime.
respectable (adjective)
law-abiding, true, good, blameless, honest, moral, estimable, angelical, respectable, irreproachable, forthright, right-minded, saintly, creditable, worthy, honorable, fair, righteous, unimpeachable, noble, untarnished, virtuous, principled, upstanding.
simple (adjective)
childlike, crystalline, plain, spare, direct, terse, unadulterated, uncomplicated, bare, clear, simple, austere, elementary, bald, candid, innocent, artless, refined, unsophisticated, chaste.
straight (adjective)
full-strength, undiluted.
theoretical (adjective)
academic, tentative, philosophical, unproved, abstract.
transparent (adjective)
limpid, clear.
unblended (adjective)
unmixed (adjective)
unmixed, genuine (adjective)
total, undiluted, perfect, limpid, classic, transparent, unmingled, fair, clear, lucid, complete, out-and-out, neat, unadulterated, simple, true, pellucid, real, unclouded, straight, bright, unalloyed, plain.
virginal, chaste (adjective)
innocent, honest, celibate, irreproachable, fresh, sinless, uncorrupted, blameless, good, virtuous, decent, clean, righteous, modest, continent, undefiled.
virtuous (adjective)
honorable, unspotted, faultless, blameless, moral, Taintless, creditable, worthy, heroic, noble, decent, estimable, good, guiltless, high-minded, virtuous, uncorrupted, angelical, ethical, upstanding, respectable, unsullied, clean, righteous, valorous.


artsy-craftsy, baroque, avant-garde, artistic, abstract, campy, full-strength, strong, accessible, unblended, aesthetic, camp. just, proper, lily-white, right, correct. melodious, musical, modest, melodic, lilting, rich, soft, sweet, mellifluous, tuneful, mellow, restraint. unimpaired, as new, whole, unbroken, undamaged, well-preserved. chaste (noun)
theoretical (noun)
tentative, philosophical, unproved.

Other synonyms:

full-strength, unblended, crashing, literally, unrelieved, genuine, altogether, completely, perfectly, especially, real, right, proper. lily-white, outright, out-and-out, particular, downright. flat out, all-out, unlimited, unbounded. blooming, unequivocal. unqualified. modest. positive, unreserved. dead. flat. unmixed
straight, unmixed.
Other relevant words:
perfect, sheer, absolute, dead, utter, unmixed, sweet.

Usage examples for pure

  1. That's all a pure blank to me." – Recalled to Life by Grant Allen
  2. This was of pure high terror. – Secret Bread by F. Tennyson Jesse
  3. It is not difficult to live a Christian life when our hearts are pure – How to Live a Holy Life by C. E. Orr