Synonyms for Average:


acceptable (adjective)
all (adjective)
mean, ordinary.
average (adjective)
middle-of-the-road, normal, everyday, run-of-the-mill, conventional, middling, stock, dominant, halfway, mezzo, moderate, customary, medium, usual, mediocre, mid, midmost, mean, stereotype, commonplace, predominant, ordinary, median, standard, common.
central (adjective)
mediocre (adjective)
common, usual, banal, ordinary, normal, mundane, mean, so-so, routine, mediocre, modest, suburban, standard.
middle (adjective)
intermediate, nuclear, middle-of-the-road, pivotal, middling, mezzo, Bisecting, geocentric, centralized, mediocre, medium, axial, midmost, mid, median, central, core, middle, half-and-half, mean, half, halfway, medial, equidistant.
normal, typical (adjective)
garden, passable, everyday, usual, mediocre, intermediate, customary, moderate, middling, common, Familiar, general, tolerable, standard, ordinary, undistinguished, commonplace, regular, so-so, fair, unexceptional, medium, garden-variety.
numerical mean (adjective)
median, middle.
regular (adjective)
normal, frequent, routine, metronomic, Familiar, everyday, general, epochal, habitual, universal, orthodox, accustomed, common, commonplace, cyclical, chronic, ordinary, regular, rhythmic, steady, constant, Predominating, usual, monotonous, canonical, customary, recurrent, stock, conventional, traditional, continual, prevailing, standard, periodic, mundane.
unexceptional (adjective)


binomial, algorithm, calculation, approximation, computational, countdown, decimal place, abacus, deviation. take the average, reduce to a mean, above, split the difference, high, low, classical, exacting, strike a balance, classically, equate, advanced, pair off, equalize. O.K., tidy, acceptable, tolerable, passable, respectable, all-right, goodish, sufficient, decent, good, adequate, satisfactory, fine. divisible, calculable, double digit, even, indivisible, binary, typical, hexadecimal, annualized, surprise, decimal. indifferent, per head, arithmetic mean, unremarkable, unexceptional, undistinguished, per capita, formulaic, garden-variety, plain, cut-and-dried, garden, the law of averages. par. average (noun)
ordinary, norm, average out, normal, medium, middling, fair, mediocre, moderate, intermediate, median, common, modal, mean.
cognition (noun)
mediocrity (noun)
normalcy, banality, ordinariness, modesty, mediocrity, commonness.
middle (noun)
halfway point, nucleus, axis, pivot, marrow, midpoint, center, kernel, nub, epicenter, hub, bisection, midst, heart.
normal, typical amount (noun)
mean, par, midpoint, norm.


obtain numerical mean (verb)
stative (verb)
average out.

Other synonyms:

classically, the law of averages, garden-variety, algorithm, deviation, calculation, countdown, binomial, arithmetic mean, decimal place, approximation, per capita, computational, calculable, unremarkable, classical, hexadecimal, exacting, advanced, abacus, formulaic, annualized, double digit, unexceptional, goodish, decimal, divisible, cut-and-dried. equate, low, par, undistinguished, indivisible, garden, binary. decent, adequate, high, all-right, passable, satisfactory, tidy, acceptable, sufficient. respectable. above. even. characteristic
equalize, equate.
indifferent, plain.
Other relevant words:
decimal, cut-and-dried, binary, equate, equalize, take the average, approximation, strike a balance, fair, computational, decent, classical, indivisible, even, pair off, arithmetic mean, par, formulaic, unremarkable, indifferent, low, tidy, undistinguished, garden, norm, annualized, plain, unexceptional, exacting, modal, classically, satisfactory, average out, tolerable, split the difference, respectable, above, acceptable, goodish, sufficient, adequate, typical, garden-variety, binomial, calculable, advanced, countdown, good, abacus, passable.

Usage examples for average

  1. " Because the average of humanity thinks so little. – 54-40 or Fight by Emerson Hough
  2. Most of the elder boys and girls milk on an average fourteen cows morning and evening. – My Brilliant Career by Miles Franklin
  3. Germany's submarine warfare today is much more successful than the average person realises. – Germany, The Next Republic? by Carl W. Ackerman