Synonyms for Regular:


average (adjective)
unexceptional, middling.
businesslike (adjective)
conforming (adjective)
Adhering, customary, complying, proper, Aping, traditional, consist, conventional, formal, Acquiescing, correct, submissive, mannerly, congruous, obedient, conforming.
continuous (adjective)
unremitting, perennial, interminable, sequential, nonstop, homogeneous, uniform, flat, unbroken, monotonous, ceaseless, repetitive, lasting, indefatigable, incessant, level, un-intermittent, monolithic, seamless, cyclical, unceasing, even, consistent, persistent, repeated, unvarying, unchangeable, recurrent, featureless, consecutive, steady, unending, gapless, coherent, undying, straight, endless, constant, habitual, connected, everlasting, undeviating, continuous, unchanging, robot-like, perpetual, continuing, invariable, continual.
daily (adjective)
diurnal, day-to-day.
habitual (adjective)
accustomed, custom, conventional, common, Familiar, timeworn, conditioned, habitual, Acclimated, routine, well-worn.
methodical (adjective)
Systematical, Methodic.
normal, common (adjective)
unexceptional, usual, commonplace, routine, habitual, legitimate, formal, typical, everyday, lawful, standard, natural, prevailing, customary, daily, unvarying, official, proper, established, traditional, general, ordinary, correct, orthodox.
on time (adjective)
ordered (adjective)
symmetrical, harmonious, systematic, stable, ordered, tight, consistent, methodical, normal, steady, arranged, uniform, efficient, balanced.
orderly (adjective)
orderly, consistent, balanced (adjective)
automatic, congruous, ordered, serial, efficient, even, symmetrical, expected, level, punctual, probable, constant, harmonious, flat, accordant, systematic, methodical, cyclic, mechanical, organized, momentary, steady, rhythmic, uniform, regulated, precise, consonant, straight, rational, arranged, classified, recurrent, successive, exact, periodic, measured, invariable, fixed.
permanent (adjective)
standing, changeless.
recurrent (adjective)
rhythmic, periodic, oscillating, recurrent, cyclical, frequent.
regular (adjective)
commonplace, chronic, usual, recurrent, Familiar, frequent, monotonous, continual, common, orthodox, customary, Predominating, normal, canonical, accustomed, habitual, prevailing, standard, stock, ordinary, steady, universal, epochal, constant, rhythmic, periodic, conventional, everyday, cyclical, metronomic, traditional, routine, mundane, average, general.
symmetrical (adjective)
uniform, symmetrical, well-balanced, Proportioned, balanced, symmetric.
uniform (adjective)
same, homogeneous, level, equable, consistent, monolithic, alike, undiversified, invariable, undeviating, steady, seamless, uniform, unvarying, even, indistinguishable, well-balanced, assonant, like, undifferentiated, unbroken, consonant.
well-proportioned (adjective)


bent, concentric, natural, chunky, aerodynamic, asymmetrical, bulbous, concave, closed, angular. crew, established, gi, grenadier, green beret, foot soldier, bombardier, airman, commando, cannon fodder, legitimate, legal, airwoman. unremarkable, unexceptional, wonted, nondescript. barrel, fuel, diesel, benzene, black gold, gasoline, crude, gas, widespread, gasohol, high-octane. garrison, bust, dog tag, detail, fatigues, base, symmetric, proportional, fort, generalship, proportionate, billet. captain, perfect, draft in, clean, beautiful, call up, captaincy, draft, commissioner, bench. end user, client, order, customer, consumer, Methodic, Systematical, clientele, customer base, early adopter, ability, late adopter, buyer, browser. changeless, declarative, conditional, complex, Frequentative, grammatical, compound, deictic, invariant, feminine, inflected. Medium-sized, middle-sized, moderate, medium, mild, middling, mid-range, midsize.

Other synonyms:

middling, middle-sized, mid-range, Medium-sized, diurnal, invariant, religiously, midsize, Methodic, gasoline. natural, spaced, proportionate. regularly, proportional. widespread, alternate. perfect, moderate. mild. medium. day-after-day
day after day.
foot soldier.

Usage examples for regular

  1. No regular ship ever stopped there. – Astounding Stories of Super-Science, March 1930 by Various
  2. This affair must be settled in the regular manner. – Frank Merriwell's Chums by Burt L. Standish
  3. The number of young men with no regular employment is at present very small. – Town Life in Australia 1883 by R. E. N. (Richard) Twopeny