Synonyms for Ordered:


alphabetical (adjective)
controlled (adjective)
lead, disciplined, dominated, harnessed, Steered, Presided, Bridled, regulated, governed, ruled, effected, Superintended, administrated, Managed, directed, supervised, Piloted, controlled.
ordered (adjective)
normal, consistent, tight, symmetrical, methodical, stable, arranged, regular, efficient, steady, harmonious, uniform, systematic, balanced.
orderly (adjective)
methodical, systematized, shipshape, organized, controlled, neat, arranged, tidy, systematic, disciplined.


booked, engaged, requested, retained, reserved. ordered (noun)
logical, arranged, sequential, regulated, consistent, organized, set, orderly, coherent, placed, consecutive, serial, sequent, successive.
tidy (noun)
shipshape, uncluttered, well-kept, Manicured, just so, tidy, neat.


categorized (verb)
assorted, branded, designated, stamped, labeled.
cleaned (verb)
sanitized, Disinfected, washed, cleaned, Laundered, Tidied, Wiped, Purged, cleansed, Filtered, purified, scrubbed, cleared, sterilized, swept.
commanded (verb)
authorized, approved, required, forbidden, Omitted, requested, ordained, announced, charged.
controlled (verb)
dominated, led, ruled, Administered, Steered, Presided, Overseen, Bridled, supervised, Managed, disciplined, Superintended, executed, Piloted, harnessed, Oversaw, Commanded, governed.
ordered (verb)
balanced, programmed, classified, Classed, Rated, arrayed, harmonized, maintained, pigeonholed, shaped, rationalized, typed, adjusted, categorized, Scored, integrated, ranked, established, unified, plotted, ordained, designed, schematized, fixed, Collated, planned, stratified, prepared, normalized, composed, Marshalled, arranged, cast, regulated, unsnarled, Devised, set, sorted, placed, Screened, stabilized, Subordinated, Charted, framed, grouped, graded, Righted, supported, systematized, Methodized, mediated, Sifted, structured, organized, settled, Schemed, formed, controlled, separated, scheduled, orchestrated.
sequenced (verb)
Followed, Concatenated, sequenced, chained, Succeeded, Progressed, Stringed, aligned, threaded, linked, lined up, queued.

Other synonyms:

neat, tidy, uncluttered, Manicured, well-kept.
Other relevant words:
consecutive, balanced, orderly, sequential, Manicured, required, sequent, approved, charged, neat, serial, tidy, booked, engaged, reserved, uncluttered, successive, coherent, shipshape, authorized, ordained, logical.

Usage examples for ordered

  1. Naturally we were ordered back. – The Log of a Noncombatant by Horace Green
  2. He then ordered one of the hands to sit upon it. – The Anti-Slavery Examiner, Omnibus by American Anti-Slavery Society
  3. That's just what the doctor ordered – Brown John's Body by Winston Marks