Synonyms for Stark:


all (adjective)
crude, blunt.
ascetic (adjective)
dry, spartan, lenten, penitential, ascetic, repentant, franciscan, miserly, severe, celibate, trappist, stoic, austere, abstemious, monastic, abstinent, parsimonious, hermit-like, teetotaling.
bare, unadorned (adjective)
dreary, forsaken, plain, raw, bleak, chaste, harsh, austere, barren, clear, grim, desolate.
desolate (adjective)
deserted, inhospitable, dreary, forsaken, uninhabited, abandoned, bleak, forlorn, forgotten, miserable, desert, dismal, lonely, bare, barren.
flagrant (adjective)
flagrant, shocking, blatant, glaring.
pure (adjective)
immaculate, clear, faultless, nascent, clean, unsullied, virtuous, honorable, undiluted, austere, simple, guiltless, primal, chaste, unadorned, monolithic, primary, indivisible, bare, Simon-pure, purebred, untarnished, irreducible, untainted, prime, undefiled, basal, decent, spotless, elementary, foundational, innocent, unblemished, atomic, unadulterated, plain, basic, angelic, unalloyed, stainless, essential, elemental, blameless, white, pure, formative, uncluttered, sinless, fundamental, aboriginal.
severe (adjective)
frosty, obdurate, raw, hidebound, strait-laced, censorious, authoritarian, intense, critical, prudish, acute, uncompromising, piquant, strict, lean, acerbic, demanding, cutting, fundamental, dour, inflexible, gruff, blunt, ascetic, rigorous, severe, crisp, acrimonious, abrupt, exacting, precise, disciplined, austere, imperial, cool, brusque, sharp, draconian, icy, intolerant, unbending, grim, caustic, spartan, chilly, stern, stiff-necked, dry, tart, keen, brisk, harsh, short, oppressive, curt, meticulous, spare, relentless, astringent, rigid, basic, stringent, correct, bleak, puritanical, obstinate.
succinct (adjective)
unpoetical, casual, frank, honest, unadorned, candid, unpretentious, bald, prosaic, Plain-spoken, ordinary, folksy, clear, uncluttered, straightforward, intelligible, blunt, simple, informal, outspoken, direct.


desperate, extreme, awful, dire. carbuncle, carpeted, comfortable, hot, baronial, beachfront, colonial, appointed, attitude, brownstone, cavernous, burned-out. irresistible, irrevocable, uncontrollable, compulsive, inevitable, cannot/can't help something, inescapable, unavoidable, unstoppable. stiff (noun)

Other synonyms:

austere, bald, bare, clear, plain, simple, utter.

Usage examples for stark

  1. Says he- but he's mad, stark mad!" – The Complete Project Gutenberg Works of George Meredith by George Meredith
  2. Each blade of grass is tense as wire, And all the wood's loose trembling hair Stark in the broad and breathless glare Of hours whose touch wastes herb and tree. – A Midsummer Holiday and Other Poems by Algernon Charles Swinburne