Synonyms for Pronounced:


distinct, evident (adjective)
definite, conspicuous, assured, arresting, decided, noticeable, clear-cut, striking, obvious, clear, marked, outstanding, notable.
judged (adjective)
decided, determined, Arbitrated, Assessed, Judged, considered.
noticeable (adjective)
reputable (adjective)
illustrious, esteemed, elevated, legendary, notable, memorable, prominent, distinguished, acclaimed, renowned, notorious, remarkable, celebrated, popular, well-known, famous, noteworthy, fabled, mythical, Famed, reputed, preeminent, exalted.


show up, identifiable, perceptible. outstanding, bold, salient, signal, pointed, striking, arresting, conspicuous, eye-catching. unquestionable, certain, definite. conspicuous (noun)
definite, clear, unusual, obvious.
pronounced (noun)
noticeable, articulate, marked.


affirmed (verb)
corroborated, validated, proclaimed, promised, stated, admitted, certified, endorsed, acknowledged, Testified, approved, ratified, pledged, Adjured, supported, sustained, Propounded, set down, verified, professed, Claimed, maintained, assured, expressed, asserted, affirmed, attested, Contended, Averred, accepted, Avouched, warranted, Submitted, declared.
judged (verb)
mediated, determined, Assessed, decided, Judged, found, Sentenced, considered, Arbitrated, Adjudicated, resolved, ruled, refereed, Appraised.
voiced (verb)
uttered, Muttered, Murmured, Emitted, articulated, Enunciated, Groaned, spoken, Exclaimed, Cried, Moaned, voiced, whispered, spoke, intoned.

Other synonyms:

eye-catching, arresting, crystal clear. conspicuous, observable, outstanding, salient, striking, clear-cut. apparent, visible, evident, patent, obvious. definite, unquestionable. manifest, bold, distinct. pointed. clear.

Usage examples for pronounced

  1. Thus it is that few have made any attempt so far to arrive at an exact knowledge of the nature of true beauty, by which in the last analysis all else must be determined; rather, each has immediately pronounced that to be beautiful which affected him with some sort of pleasure. – An Essay on True and Apparent Beauty in which from Settled Principles is Rendered the Grounds for Choosing and Rejecting Epigrams by Pierre Nicole
  2. It was evident from the beginning that it was to be a pronounced success. – Captivating Mary Carstairs by Henry Sydnor Harrison