Synonyms for Determined:


aggressive (adjective)
bellicose, truculent, combative, warlike, pushy, forward, assertive, offensive, aggressive, belligerent, domineering, militant, hostile.
brave (adjective)
calculated (adjective)
driven, persistent (adjective)
intent, resolved, bent, unwavering, dogged, tenacious, settled, constant, decided, unflinching, strong-minded, set, earnest, steadfast, decisive, stubborn, persevering, firm, strong-willed, obstinate, serious, resolute.
judged (adjective)
pronounced, Judged, Arbitrated, decided, Assessed, considered.
resolute (adjective)
inexorable, serious, resolute, staunch, committed, ruthless, tenacious, decided, dedicated, zealous, strong-minded, loyal, decisive, deliberate, set, tough, tireless, dogged, spunky, indomitable, unbending, strong-willed, indefatigable, stubborn, unchangeable, thorough, insistent, constant, bullheaded, reliable, devoted, dauntless, plucky, courageous, steady, steely, iron-willed, headstrong, uncompromising, implacable, intent, earnest, resolved, diligent, persistent, willing, stern, steadfast, faithful, relentless, unyielding, true, firm, bold, hearty, unshakeable, persevering, unflinching, valiant, unwavering, fearless.
tenacious (adjective)
bold, decisive, bulldogged, true, strong, dauntless, obstinate, brave, stubborn, devoted, fervent, resolute, hearty, insistent, hard, headstrong, stiff, tenacious, stony, diligent, indomitable, flintlike, undaunted, enduring, bullheaded, plucky, strong-willed, staunch, dogged, steadfast, tireless, persevering, courageous, obdurate, tough, indefatigable, faithful, persistent, spunky, unflagging.
untiring (adjective)


unfinished, agreed, over, finished, motivated, sedulous, approved, determinate, uncertain, closed, competitive. purpose. decide. bent. determined (noun)
stubborn, ambitious, resolute, driven, observed, set, ascertained, discovered, settled, compulsive, dictated.


ascertained (verb)
Audited, found out, assured, ascertained, double checked.
calculated (verb)
quantified, added, Accounted, estimated, ranked, presumed, valued, measured, systematized, Assessed, thought, Computed, Tallied, divided, Judged, Deduced, Enumerated, Appraised, Surmised, Counted, Reckoned, Scored, Triangulated, totaled, Approximated, plotted, Inferred, Gauged, multiplied, considered, Summed, quantized, evaluated, studied, rationalized, Guessed, planned, concluded, Weighed, figured, programmed, Schemed, Rated, calculated, scheduled, supposed.
chose (verb)
favored, fancied, liked, chosen, elected, preferred, selected, Wished, Espoused, adopted, Picked, Chose.
discovered (verb)
realized, elicited, Educed, Disinterred, disclosed, identified, detected, exposed, discovered, Fathomed, Unearthed, recognized, unraveled, dug up, unmasked, solved, revealed.
evinced (verb)
illustrated, deposed, Evinced, Testified, certified, observed, documented, stated, Connoted, proven, established, Exhibited, Adduced, corroborated, declared, Manifested, witnessed, Vouched, confirmed, Exemplified, validated, authenticated, Indicated, attested, demonstrated, substantiated, proved, Betokened, supported, Avouched.
experimented (verb)
researched, analyzed, Investigated, Assayed, Experimented, Probed, checked, verified, benchmarked, tested, tried.
judged (verb)
ruled, Sentenced, resolved, found, refereed, Arbitrated, decided, Adjudicated, mediated, pronounced.

Other synonyms:

sedulous. bent, competitive. settled
Other relevant words:
compulsive, bent, motivated, competitive, ambitious, agreed, unfinished, settled, determinate, decide, driven, closed, purpose, finished, uncertain, over, dictated, approved, sedulous.

Usage examples for determined

  1. But, as I was determined not to go, I made the water, which was between me and her, an excuse. – A Voyage Towards the South Pole and Round the World, Volume 1 by James Cook
  2. I can hardly manage Henry any longer, Doctor, he's determined he will have more to eat. – The Story of a Doctor's Telephone--Told by His Wife by Ellen M. Firebaugh
  3. " No." She wished to be honest; she determined upon being honest. – Running Sands by Reginald Wright Kauffman