Synonyms for Moved:


all (adjective)
touched, stirred, affected.
gone to a different residence (adjective)
departed, removed, left, relocated.
proposed (adjective)
Introduced, recommended.
transported (adjective)
Hauled, Transferred, Pushed, replaced, Carried, conveyed, driven, changed, sent, Shifted, elevated.


let down, replaced, withdrawn, elevated, drawn, changed, taken. moved (noun)
captive, affected, enraptured, touched, rapt, stirred.
proposed (noun)
Introduced, recommended, proposed.


acted (verb)
executed, Worked, Appeared, Endeavored, Acted, labored, Behaved, Officiated, conducted, Perpetrated, Performed, Did, Transacted, done, reacted, functioned, Exercised, Operated, Comported.
carried (verb)
conveyed, removed, expressed, bore, dispatched, transmitted, Borne, Delivered, sent, Transported, Hauled, Carted, Carried.
motivated (verb)
goaded, struck, Urged, forced, drove, thrown, stricken, fired, Jostled, fermented, driven, Launched, magnetized, Prodded, inspired, motivated, Slung, Fomented, Rammed, catapulted, Pushed, Poked, jolted, Jerked, Flung, shot, Lobbed, Enticed, Threw, thrust, Jogged, Instigated, Hurled, Hastened, induced, impelled, heaved, triggered, provoked, pitched, stimulated, Punched, Energized, nudged, Shoved, Propelled, Bumped, Knocked, Hurtled.
moved (verb)
Transferred, Budged, Passed, Shifted, Flowed, relocated, Proceeded, Went, transited, Coursed, Ran, gone, actuated, stirred, run.

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Usage examples for moved

  1. When at last he moved away she turned to the man at her side. – A Damaged Reputation by Harold Bindloss
  2. Then she moved away. – Elizabeth's Campaign by Mrs. Humphrey Ward