Synonyms for Small:


exiguous (adjective)
inconsiderable (adjective)
insufficient (adjective)
limited (adjective)
limited, restricted.
little (adjective)
compact, low, little, scanty, narrow, least, delicate, succinct, few, diminutive, minute, meager, concise, smallish, undersized, brief, puny, paltry, short.
low (adjective)
junior, lower.
short (adjective)
petite, runty, condensed, compact, clipped, brief, concise, short, abridged, picayune, stumpy, succinct, low, little, curt, squat, puny.
small (adjective)
minimal, miserly, itty-bitty, piddling, negligible, sparing, scanty, niggardly, trifling, minute, scrawny, picayune, teeny-weeny, deficient, microscopic, baby, teeny, ungenerous, pocket, meager, slight, stingy, scant, little, smallish, dwarfish, diminutive, beggarly, slim, petite, teensy, wee, paltry, compact, bantam, short, delicate, modest, weeny, minor, spare, nugatory, miniature, puny, toy, tiny.
stunted (adjective)
tiny in size, quantity (adjective)
baby, narrow, miniature, pocket-sized, piddling, slight, picayune, limited, immature, inadequate, teeny, pitiful, bitty, microscopic, runty, undersized, puny, minuscule, short, little, minute, modest, inconsiderable, bantam, young, scanty, meager, toy, wee, teensy, trifling, humble, diminutive, petite, poor, small-scale, paltry.
unimportant (adjective)
meaningless, shallow, minor, lower, lesser, insignificant, mean, superficial, inferior, mere, unimportant, of no consequence/of little consequence, irrelevant, unessential, negligible, unconsidered, minute.


brittle, disembodied, croaky, flat, grating, adenoidal, breathy, dead, appealing, fruity. inadequate, adolescent, bad, pubescent, naughty, preteen, spoilt, prepubescent, spoiled. dotted line, copperplate, junior, format, capitalise, galley, smalltime, full page, capitalize, over, subordinate, under, lower, font, bold, minor league. limiting, restrictive, prohibitive, specific, youth, exclusive, within limits, restricted, finite, under control. low-key, hushed, low-keyed, subdued, quiet, whispery. ignoble (noun)


humble (verb)
pitiful, poor.

Other synonyms:

prepubescent, low-keyed, naughty, subdued, pubescent, spoilt, smalltime, small-minded, whispery. spoiled, adolescent, measly, junior, discreet, low-key, inconsiderable, subordinate, hushed, minor league, preteen. narrow-minded. quiet, under. bad.

Usage examples for small

  1. " And now there is another small matter. – Oddsfish! by Robert Hugh Benson
  2. I was too small to understand when I was home before. – Lucy Maud Montgomery Short Stories, 1905 to 1906 by Lucy Maud Montgomery
  3. I will tell you something of what we had to eat in one small afternoon. – Letters from China and Japan by John Dewey Alice Chipman Dewey