Synonyms for Done:


accomplished, finished (adjective)
Rendered, Performed, over, realized, wrought, executed, completed, through, complete, perfected, fulfilled.
all (adjective)
through with, through.
approved, agreed upon (adjective)
settled, determined.
complete (adjective)
unsevered, solid, exhaustive, complete, total, all, sum, collective, plenary, intact, unabridged, finished, entire, unified, thorough, uncut, universal, integral, accomplished, whole, through, full, undivided, comprehensive, final, conclusive.
thoroughly cooked (adjective)
fried, stewed, baked, ready.


Curried, battered, Deviled, Breaded, al dente, au naturel, deep-fried, cold. O.K., precisely, of course, right, part, great, absolutely, exactly, yes. mission accomplished, start, kaput, washed-up, past, done for, ability, anymore, at an end. awoke, Awoken, Began, ate, Arose, Bestrode, Begat, bade, Befell, Became. be, have, DO. Bidden, Arisen, Begun, begotten, blown, Bestridden, Befallen, bitten, Borne, Been. agreed upon (noun)
approved, settled, agreed, determined.
done (noun)
finished, through with, cooked, through.


acted (verb)
functioned, executed, Appeared, Behaved, Did, moved, Worked, Operated, Acted, Performed, Transacted, reacted, Perpetrated, Endeavored, conducted, Exercised, Officiated, Comported, labored.
behaved (verb)
practiced, Deported, Proceeded.
ventured (verb)
campaigned, Maneuvered, Ventured, Undertaken, initiated, pursued, Undertook, Schemed.

Other synonyms:

completed, realized, Rendered. be, done for, washed-up. kaput. DO. have. deep-fried
Other relevant words:
done for, fulfilled, ready, over, baked, approved, Rendered, past, right, have, completed, agreed, precisely, exactly, cooked, settled, perfected, determined, be, stewed, at an end, absolutely, DO, kaput, washed-up, fried, wrought, through with, realized.

Usage examples for done

  1. I am done for! – The Lion's Share by E. Arnold Bennett
  2. What is to be done Captain? – Princess Maritza by Percy Brebner
  3. Maryllia had done this. – God's Good Man by Marie Corelli