Synonyms for Gone:


absent (adjective)
vacant, elsewhere, missing, lacking, wanting, out, empty, abstract, absent, departed, away, no-show, void, nonexistent, Omitted, truant.
dead (adjective)
deceased, lifeless, departed.
disappeared (adjective)
forgotten (adjective)
obliterated, forgotten, irrecoverable, lost, Erased, elapsed, unremembered, extinct.
not present, no longer in existence (adjective)
split, extinct, Transferred, deceased, dissipated, Passed, elapsed, away, missing, lost, absent, past, left, burned up, Disappeared, dissolved, departed, withdrawn, retired, defunct, traveling, lacking, dead, moved, spent, vanished, Shifted, Decamped, quit, removed.
plastered (adjective)
wasted (adjective)


run off, traveled, deserted, retired, unavailable, traveling, come, Returned, removed, split, unattainable, in absentia. dissipated, decayed, burned up. absence. get. lifeless, defunct, late, live. infatuated, infatuate, smitten, excite, enamored. pregnant, parturient, reproduction, big, great, expectant, enceinte, Expecting, gravid. drunk (noun)
blitzed, intoxicated, wasted, Hammered, hard-drinking, alcoholic, hungover, inebriated.
gone (noun)
exhausted, foregone, bypast, dead, at peace, expended, past, bygone, spent, at rest, departed, asleep, deceased.


departed (verb)
withdrawn, Embarked, departed, quit, Withdrew, Fled, abandoned, exited, parted, Decamped, Went, left.
disappeared (verb)
sunk, Disappeared, evaporated, melted, Sank, Evanesced, dissolved, flied, hidden, vanished, Hid, faded.
moved (verb)
Shifted, relocated, Transferred, transited, Passed, actuated, Coursed, stirred, run, Ran, Flowed, Budged, moved, Proceeded.

Other synonyms:

smitten, enceinte, gravid, unavailable, dead, unattainable, parturient. pregnant, enamored, infatuate, Expecting, defunct, retired, infatuated. lifeless, expectant. great, big. late. exhausted

Usage examples for gone

  1. How long will you be gone – The Awakening and Selected Short Stories by Kate Chopin
  2. " Has she gone there? – Thelma by Marie Corelli
  3. Is it because Archelaus has gone – Secret Bread by F. Tennyson Jesse