Synonyms for Transferred:


changed (adjective)
moved (adjective)
removed, Transported, relocated, transmitted, Shifted, Shipped, conveyed, reassigned, restationed, sent, Transplanted.
transferred (adjective)
assigned, granted, Consigned, exchanged.


bartered (verb)
Bartered, Dealt, Trafficked, Bargained, Haggled, Interchanged, traded, Swapped.
brought (verb)
conveyed, Adduced, drew, induced, Attracted, Fetched, Brought, conducted, Borne, bore, drawn, Imparted, Transported, Carried.
carried (verb)
removed, sent, Delivered, expressed, transmitted, Carted, dispatched, Hauled.
moved (verb)
run, gone, Coursed, Ran, Went, transited, Shifted, Budged, Proceeded, stirred, moved, actuated, Passed, relocated, Flowed.
shipped (verb)
Shipped, Forwarded, Trucked.
transferred (verb)
changed hands, sold, handed over.

Other synonyms:

Other relevant words:
Transplanted, reassigned, restationed, transposed, relayed.

Usage examples for Transferred

  1. We have lost Bouchard- transferred to another post! – The Last Shot by Frederick Palmer