Synonyms for Allowed:


authorized (adjective)
licensed, sanctioned.
given (adjective)
dispensed, Rendered, Contributed, shared, endowed, furnished, Disbursed, Showered, donated, Attributed, Submitted, pledged, rationed, Awarded, bestowed, Imparted, granted, sent, Bequeathed, presented, lent, Doled, Consigned, Supplied, Lavished, Offered, Served, given, expended, Provided, Delivered, assigned, paid, allotted, Ascribed, Tendered.
legal (adjective)
permitted (adjective)
released, blessed, Tolerated, licensed, permitted, approved, authorized, enfranchised, Consented, sanctioned.


allotted (verb)
assigned, split, partitioned, distributed, Meted, sliced, set, measured, Portioned, Earmarked, apportioned, Parceled, Gave, dispensed, allotted, given, cut, segmented, rationed, Dealt, budgeted, divided, allocated, shared.
compromised (verb)
conceded, adjusted, mediated, Accommodated, Bargained, reconciled, settled, compensated, appeased, Compromised.
consented (verb)
sanctioned, Assented, endorsed, ratified, Acquiesced, let, Condoned, Consented, Concurred, accepted, approved.
enabled (verb)
Enabled, commissioned, licensed, facilitated, permitted, authorized, empowered.
gave (verb)
Served, Delivered, donated, Offered, endowed, Doled, Provided, Submitted, Disbursed, funded, bestowed, Contributed, granted, Showered, Awarded, Imparted, sent, paid, Bequeathed, Helped, Attributed, lent, Supplied, Rendered, pledged, Consigned, Tendered, devoted, expended, extended, presented, Lavished, furnished, Ascribed, assisted.
permitted (verb)
conceded, permitted, authorized, approved, blessed, Consented, sanctioned, licensed, Condoned, let, released, enfranchised, Tolerated.
portioned (verb)
chunked, subdivided, Pieced, Halved, Zoned, compartmentalized, Dismembered.
qualified (verb)
modified, Stipulated, qualified, mitigated, Excepted, tempered, reserved, limited.

Other synonyms:

accepted, approved, permitted.
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Usage examples for Allowed

  1. I am glad poor Elise is to be allowed to stay in Paris all winter and work. – Molly Brown's Orchard Home by Nell Speed
  2. But he had not stayed- and she had not allowed him to return. – The Salamander by Owen Johnson
  3. They are not allowed to charge more. – A Soldier in the Philippines by Needom N. Freeman