Synonyms for Access:


concession, public interest, voice, permission, priority, right. clearance, exemption, authorization, dispensation, consent, leave, path, way, passage, sanction, approval, authority. dissolve, dissolution, divorce, blowup, co-respondent, contact, burst, fit, alimony, joint custody, flare up, outburst, eruption, explosion, ex, gust, outbreak. seizure, hall, spell, gatepost, archway, arch, gatehouse, health. block, back up, author, burn, capture, call up, burn-in, browse, archive. come in, draw in, reach, appear, get in, arrive, land. access (noun)
approach, admittance, memory access, get at, entree.
admission, means of entry, approach (noun)
door, contact, approach, ingress, path, passage, way, entrance, admittance.
admittance (noun)
artifact (noun)
attribute (noun)
entree, admittance.
entrance (noun)
entrance, entryway, opening, aperture, ingress, door, intake.
spell (noun)


approach (verb)
come, close, approach, gain, loom, impend, near, converge, advance.
enter (verb)
input, enter.
receive (verb)
eat, devour, engorge, accept, admit, assimilate, acquire, ingest, absorb, take, receive, pocket, get, gulp, gobble, inhale, inspire.

Other synonyms:

co-respondent, call up, joint custody, back up, hall, gatehouse, gatepost, voice, alimony, concession, arch, author, priority, permission, archway, ex, contact, divorce. block, public interest, burn-in. archive, outburst, gust, burn, capture, eruption. blowup. flare up, outbreak. right, explosion. spell, seizure. course

Usage examples for access

  1. Having access in one Spirit to the Father, let us realize in His presence our communion with all His children. – The Expositor's Bible: Ephesians by G. G. Findlay
  2. That was why the latter had allowed her free access to her person. – Pretty Michal by Mór Jókai
  3. With an access of terror, he ran faster, and stumbled upon the shore in a panic. – The Mad Planet by Murray Leinster