Synonyms for Load:


bale, archive, parcel, capture, buoyancy, mass, burn, haul, call up, burn-in, back up, capacity, block, pressure, author, access, browse, bundle, lightness. bogey, concern, bugaboo, canker, amount, cancer, quantity, measurement, part, bogie, demons, blanket, bugbear, anxiety. business, hear, calling, delegation, appointment, collaboration, take a look at, listen, look, call, division of labor, background, career, attend. box, crate, bury, embed, heavy, entomb, bottle, center, cram, over, bag, bed, impost. bill of lading, bill of entry, carriage, explosion, dock, delivery, carrier. heap, bushel, zillion, scad, multiplicity, wad, oodles, slew, peck, passel, gob, ream, impedimenta, Jillion, dead weight, big, lot, million, trillion. cover, open up, fire off, discharge, aim, fire, fight, let off. counterweight, nett, dense, net, lightweight, light, density. amount (noun)
artifact (noun)
burden, loading.
burden, pressure (noun)
obligation, trust, duty, onus.
contents (noun)
cargo, payload, stowage, contents, burden, lading, freight, shipment.
load (noun)
cargo, laden, load up, incumbrance, onus, loading, lading, lode, warhead, encumbrance, stow, freight, shipment, consignment, payload, lade, burden.
quantity (noun)
responsibility (noun)
duty, trust, obligation.
unit of ammunition (noun)


burden, saddle (verb)
freight, stow, lade, cram, heap.
contact (verb)
lade, load up, laden.
overburden, pressure (verb)

Other synonyms:

million, scad, Jillion, passel, trillion, ream, zillion, pressure, slew, impedimenta, bushel. dead weight, multiplicity, fire off, density, counterweight, impost, gob, oodles. cram, wad, lightweight. let off. dense, haul. fire, open up. lot. discharge. net. fight. cover. light. heavy. pile

Usage examples for load

  1. The load was by no means a light one, even for his strength. – Into the Primitive by Robert Ames Bennet
  2. For during these days Patsy went about with a load on her heart. – Patsy by S. R. Crockett