Synonyms for Management:


adventurism, CSR, chairmanship, ADMIN, critical-path method, administer, crisis management. directorate, chamber of commerce, superintendence, C-OF-C, the front office, over, board, middle management, supervision, boardroom. conservation, husbandry, preservation, conservancy, keep. affect, lead. act (noun)
bureaucracy (noun)
business (noun)
employment, business, company, exchange, industry, labor, career, enterprise, proprietorship, job, busy work, corporation, commission, negotiation, activity, partnership, situation, calling, commerce, selling, posting, consortium, assignment, barter, retailing, vocation, transaction, practice, trade, concern, livelihood, firm, merchant, service, station, occupation, affair, holding, market, specialty, venture, interest, establishment, position, profession.
command (noun)
rule, authority, power, supremacy, reign, mandate, prowess, sovereignty, mastery, grip, sway, grasp, hold, will, charge, coordination, law.
management (noun)
persons running an organization (noun)
board, directorate, authority.
preservation (noun)

Other synonyms:

chamber of commerce, directorate, conservancy, C-OF-C, the front office, boardroom, middle management. husbandry, preservation, conservation. board. Other relevant words:
administer, superintendence, supervision, supervisory, administrative, lead, conservation, preservation, conservancy, boardroom, board, official, directorate, husbandry, governmental.

Usage examples for management

  1. Remember each type of poultry requires specific management – A Living from the Land by William B. Duryee
  2. And yet his eyes were every where, and though he had not failed to give due consideration to the preparations for his feast, he devoted all the powers of his mind to the present management of it. – The Emperor, Part 2, Volume 9. by Georg Ebers