Synonyms for Execute:


call up, archive, capture, browse, burn, block, access, author, back up, burn-in. put something into action, put/bring/carry something into effect, ensure, progress, electrocute, adopt, behead, go through with. dispense, take, go about, pursue, administrate, over. invoke, obligation, take someone's life. mint, base on, model, pull off, craft, prosecute. come to, come into, cut off, be descended from, swing, effectuate, bequeath, come down to, claimant, bring off, beneficiary, bequest, birthright. interpret, render, performing arts. execute (noun)
carry out, carry, carry through, put to death, fulfil, accomplish, fulfill.


act (verb)
perpetrate, labor, exercise, act, appear, move, comport, behave, function, officiate, endeavor, operate, work, react, conduct, perform, transact, enterprise.
carry out a task (verb)
administrate, consummate, pull off, render, fulfill, achieve, transact, enforce, act, DO, perform, bring off, administer, accomplish, cause, effect, complete, prosecute, govern.
cause (verb)
originate, generate, evoke, cause, drive, induce, elicit, effect, force, inspire, engender, make, give rise to, produce, enforce, motivate, provoke, engineer.
complete (verb)
complete, achieve, conclude, integrate, finalize, end, fulfill, finish, close, arrive, consummate, accomplish, culminate, graduate, fill, terminate, unify.
control (verb)
direct, harness, superintend, rule, order, bridle, steer, manage, command, supervise, pilot, discipline, control, administer, dominate, lead, govern, preside, oversee.
effect (verb)
bring about.
kill (verb)
assassinate, put to sleep, eliminate, purge, remove, massacre, liquidate, electrocute, exterminate, strangle, chill, asphyxiate, dispatch, slay, smite, do away with, ice, suffocate, put to death, hang, drown, snuff, smother, sacrifice, finish, behead, do in, slaughter, butcher.
punish (verb)
chasten, burden, reprise, sentence, torture, chastise, castigate, fine, lambaste, imprison, incarcerate, Keelhaul, confine, distress, pillory, agonize, avenge, anguish, correct, persecute, afflict, try, penalize, punish, judge, crucify.
social (verb)
put to death.

Other synonyms:

go about, prosecute, pursue. administrate, mint, base on, effectuate. interpret, invoke. model. craft, dispense. take. accomplish
bring off.
operate, react.
carry out
administrate, DO.
go through with.
effectuate, give rise to.
exterminate, put to death, dispatch, snuff, slay.
come to.
put away
put to sleep.

Usage examples for execute

  1. She gathered up her skirts and danced out again, pausing at the door to execute a high kick. – Captain Jim by Mary Grant Bruce
  2. He says that the Father has given the Son authority to execute judgment. – The Water of Life and Other Sermons by Charles Kingsley
  3. I execute my instructions, and I am paid for doing so. – Great Expectations by Charles Dickens