Synonyms for Executing:


directing (adjective)
preparing (adjective)


executing (noun)
capital punishment, death penalty, execution.


acting (verb)
exercising, Perpetrating, laboring, operating, performing, acting, officiating, conducting, functioning, reacting, Behaving, Endeavoring, Doing, Comporting, appearing, working, moving, Transacting.
causing (verb)
inducing, Generating, making, Effecting, Eliciting, causing, provoking, engineering, inspiring, giving rise to, Engendering, Forcing, Evoking, Producing, driving, Enforcing, motivating, Originating.
completing (verb)
concluding, Terminating, Accomplishing, filling, finishing, Culminating, integrating, Graduating, Fulfilling, Achieving, closing, Consummating, completing, finalizing, unifying, ending, arriving.
controlling (verb)
dominating, Harnessing, Bridling, leading, controlling, ruling, supervising, Presiding, ordering, steering, Administering, Managing, governing, piloting, commanding, Disciplining, Superintending, directing, Overseeing.
effecting (verb)
bringing about.
killing (verb)
icing, slaying, butchering, strangling, doing away with, Dispatching, Sacrificing, Liquidating, putting down, Assassinating, suffocating, hanging, doing in, Murdering, Drowning, Massacring, Removing, Slaughtering, chilling, asphyxiating, Smiting, smothering, Eliminating, Snuffing, putting to sleep, purging, Exterminating.
producing (verb)
Forming, Inventing, Constructing, Manufacturing, Creating, Fathering, Cultivating, developing, building, Fabricating, Mothering.
punishing (verb)
distressing, Burdening, penalizing, Correcting, Castigating, avenging, trying, Chastising, chastening, lambasting, Afflicting, Sentencing, Fining, Pillorying, Keelhauling, confining, anguishing, Imprisoning, Incarcerating, punishing, Persecuting, judging, Crucifying, agonizing, reprising.

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Other relevant words:
capital punishment, death penalty, execution.

Usage examples for executing

  1. I supposed he had been executing some deed. – The Expressman and the Detective by Allan Pinkerton
  2. By some accident, a manuscript page has got into its place, bearing a later date, and containing elaborate instructions for executing a design for a wedding dress. – The Black Robe by Wilkie Collins
  3. When you are executing a repair, always lay your tools on the ground and mark the place. – The Brother of Daphne by Dornford Yates