Synonyms for Advancing:


all (adjective)
forward, forward-moving.
approaching (adjective)
nearby, proximate, closing, impending, expected, imminent, converging, forthcoming, Looming, approaching, Nearing, coming, near.
cultural (adjective)


ahead, bound for something, oncoming, Into, direct, up, from all sides, across. advancing (noun)
forward-moving, forward, progressive, onward.


approaching (verb)
approaching, coming, Looming, closing, Gaining, converging, accessing, impending, Nearing.
benefiting (verb)
contributing, Availing, helping, Assisting, favoring, serving, doing good, bettering.
expediting (verb)
hastening, Furthering, quickening, Facilitating, hurrying, Expediting, Promoting, accelerating.
facilitating (verb)
encouraging, easing, Simplifying, Aiding.
improving (verb)
Embellishing, refining, Enhancing, renovating, Garnishing, improving, Elaborating, Progressing, Correcting, Enriching.
increasing (verb)
maximizing, Amplifying, broadening, lengthening, Accruing, expanding, growing, Enlarging, Inflating, Elevating, heightening, increasing, reinforcing, fattening, Magnifying, incrementing, Boosting, raising, Extending, Multiplying, burgeoning, widening, upgrading, Adding, augmenting.
lending (verb)
Leasing, Pawning, letting, Mortgaging, loaning, Subletting, lending.
offering (verb)
rendering, Tendering, Endowing, Attempting, issuing, inviting, giving, Biding, Granting, imparting, offering, Presenting, Submitting, Bestowing, Citing, Quoting, dealing.
progressing (verb)

Other synonyms:

oncoming. direct. Into, across, ahead. up. Other relevant words:
direct, onward, progressive, forward, approaching, oncoming, across, Into, forward-moving, up, ahead.

Usage examples for advancing

  1. But a change had come upon him with advancing years. – Penrod and Sam by Booth Tarkington
  2. He roused himself, hastily advancing – The Salamander by Owen Johnson
  3. One could judge in looking over a Bible so marked whether they were advancing or going back in their Christian experience. – Divers Women by Pansy and Mrs. C.M. Livingston