Synonyms for Controlling:


commanding (adjective)
directing (adjective)
influential (adjective)
influential, motivational, supreme, powerful, predominant, leading, ruling, authoritative, senior, prejudicial, commanding, important, masterful.
master (adjective)
powerful (adjective)
forceful, potent, reigning, puissant, commanding, authoritative, masterful, competent, powerful, strong, vigorous, energetic, mighty.
ruling (adjective)
predominant, supervising, regulating, governing.
superior (adjective)
champion, crowning, king, most, best, master, signal, superior, elite, supreme, consummate, predominant, uppermost, sovereign, zenith, chief, chosen, quintessential, foremost, senior, commanding, furthest, furthermost, leading, above, Headmost, choice, dominant, eminent, ascendant, better, A 1, ruling, paramount, maximum.


preponderant, Dominative, regnant, over.


commanding (verb)
gripping, reigning, grasping, holding, Charging, coordinating.
controlling (verb)
Bridling, steering, Disciplining, Managing, Superintending, Overseeing, Presiding, supervising, Administering, executing, piloting, directing, dominating, Harnessing, governing.
dominating (verb)
conquering, prevailing, winning, Lording, Triumphing, bettering, succeeding, Surmounting, Vanquishing, Overcoming.
influencing (verb)
motivating, swaying, Authorizing, pressuring, Empowering, Predominating, Influencing, Prejudicing, powering, affecting, Biasing, mastering.
ordering (verb)
rationalizing, scheming, Stratifying, framing, devising, designing, programming, sifting, balancing, unsnarling, Maintaining, fixing, scoring, Methodizing, subordinating, settling, Organizing, Preparing, typing, arranging, Mediating, Classifying, Collating, screening, regulating, sorting, stabilizing, normalizing, casting, Righting, Forming, integrating, Systematizing, Classing, setting, supporting, schematizing, Establishing, Separating, unifying, Marshalling, Placing, pigeonholing, scheduling, structuring, ordering, rating, grouping, shaping, Harmonizing, Arraying, Adjusting, categorizing, charting, planning, orchestrating, Plotting, grading, composing, ranking.
prohibiting (verb)
barring, Preventing, Oppressing, restricting, Denying, Precluding, Curtailing, Refusing, Prohibiting, Outlawing, Disallowing, Rejecting, Restraining, constraining, Suppressing, curbing, inhibiting, forbidding, disqualifying, blocking, disapproving, banning.
restraining (verb)
confining, constricting, impeding, Detaining, Shackling, binding, hindering, Collaring, Tethering, Leashing.

Other synonyms:

Dominative, regnant. preponderant. Other relevant words:
preponderant, Dominative, regnant, over.

Usage examples for controlling

  1. But they can be regulated, and with proper vigilance they can be kept from commanding and controlling absolutely this nation, which sees the birth of their great development. – Editorials-from-the-Hearst-Newspapers by Brisbane, Arthur
  2. " When you have seen the horses you will not think the price too high," Lato said, controlling himself with difficulty. – 'O Thou, My Austria!' by Ossip Schubin
  3. Their good conduct may be ascribed to their deep rage against the English, to their hope of speedy aid from the French, and to the controlling spirit of Pontiac, which held them to their work. – The Conspiracy of Pontiac and the Indian War after the Conquest of Canada by Francis Parkman