Synonyms for Performance:


show, drama, review, mare, chore, appearance, display, burlesque, a tall order, concert, offering, spectacle, rehearsal, pageant, play, exhibit, special, the elephant in the room, burden, struggle, necessity, opera, the impossible, exhibition, headache, representation. bond, contrarian, capital-intensive, prosecution, capital gains tax, debenture, arbitrage, derivative, DO, effectuation, annuity, blue-chip, discharge, capital. cycle, go, cut out, rendering, flood, grind, burn up, idle, performing arts, reading, backfire, rendition, interpretation, fire. standard, machine, gauge, criterion, rating, baseline, quality assurance, par, quality, level, working, reaction. the Proms, jam session, phrasing, hula, gig, jam, production number, promenade concert. accomplishment (noun)
fulfillment, conduct, discharge, completion, exploit, realization, feat, enforcement, carrying out, attainment, execution.
acting, depiction (noun)
review, exhibition, appearance, opera, gig, production, offering, rehearsal, representation, behavior, burlesque, drama, play, spectacle, concert, pageant, show, special, business, interpretation, display.
action (noun)
behavior, effort, practice, motion, deed, endeavor, activity, enterprise, operation, labor, action, movement, exercise, conduct.
activity (noun)
animation, kinetics, liveliness, energy, agility, business, stirring.
communication (noun)
public presentation.
efficiency (noun)
exercise, practice, pursuit, operation, action, functioning, working.
endeavor (noun)
approach, assay, gambit, contract, production, essay, venture, maneuver, job, commitment, engagement, adventure, exploit, aim, project, proceeding, undertaking, attempt, purpose.
interpretation (noun)
rendering, rendition.
performance (noun)
operation, carrying into action, public presentation, functioning, execution, carrying out.
venture (noun)
task, initiative, procedure, campaign, affair, feat, pursuit, scheme.

Other synonyms:

hula, effectuation, administration (of an estate), rendering, promenade concert, production number, jam session, opera, prosecution, the Proms. phrasing, concert, play, display, burlesque. reading. realization, working, gig, reaction. interpretation. jam. practice

Usage examples for performance

  1. The Countess observed the performance – The Complete Project Gutenberg Works of George Meredith by George Meredith
  2. This trick seemed a very difficult performance – The Chinese Boy and Girl by Isaac Taylor Headland
  3. Is Miss Hope going to such and such a performance – Tired Church Members by Anna Warner