Synonyms for Care:


burden, nuisance, misfortune, handicap, problem, alarm, affliction, load, impediment, encumbrance, onus, trial, tension, difficulty, hindrance. beware, fund, charity, Jaycee, aid agency, aid worker, benefactor, watch out, foundation, food bank, be cautious, fundraiser, mind. anxiousness, fixated, attention span, attentive, feelings, observant, under someone's critical eye, unease, alert, concerned, angst, nervousness, disquietude, focused. gingerliness, pursuit, calculation, work, exertion, heavy lifting, dedication, chariness, effort, undertaking, challenge. nibble, wake up, pain, be struck by/with something, can't take your eyes off, have something on the brain, careful, be big on something, punctiliousness, painstaking, live and breathe something, deal in, glom onto. defense, protection, self-defense, self-preservation, safe passage, conservation, sanctuary, security. superintendence, trample something/someone underfoot, supervision, trust, have the hide of an elephant/rhinoceros, not give/care a damn (about), not give a fig about/for something, someone couldn't care less, care for, look out for yourself/number one, custody, not give a hoot/two hoots, can take something or leave it, it's all the same to someone. object. affection (noun)
attention (noun)
attentiveness, caution, observation, attention, consideration, absorption, concern, rapture, diligence, heedfulness, intentness, entrancement, enrapture, scrutiny, immersion, engrossment, interest, concentration, alertness, fascination, notice, watchfulness, regardfulness, mindfulness.
care for (noun)
cherish, love, mind, like, desire.
carefulness, attention to detail (noun)
concentration, regard, consideration, alertness, interest, conscientiousness, nicety, effort, exertion, circumspection, discrimination, particularity, prudence, forethought, concern, watchfulness, meticulousness, caution, precaution, heed, fastidiousness, vigilance, wariness, thought, scrupulousness, diligence, exactness.
caution (noun)
discretion, carefulness, circumspection, deliberation, prudence, wariness, awareness, vigilance, guardedness, heed.
circumspection (noun)
caution, vigilance, heedfulness, heed, wariness, circumspection, discretion.
cognition (noun)
caution, precaution, forethought.
custody (noun)
custody, administration (of an estate), supervision.
custody of person, usually child (noun)
protection, supervision, guardianship, tutelage, trust, superintendence.
fastidiousness (noun)
guardianship (noun)
personal interest, concern (noun)
bother, burden, charge, encumbrance, sorrow, discomposure, chagrin, responsibility, impediment, load, alarm, nuisance, handicap, sweat, unhappiness, distress, affliction, oppression, onus, stress, uneasiness, worry, strain, pressure, fear, stew, tribulation, hindrance, aggravation, exasperation, annoyance.
precision (noun)
preciseness, exactness.
preservation (noun)
punctiliousness (noun)
treatment (noun)
vigilance (noun)
conscientiousness, strictness, fussiness, meticulousness, particularity, preciseness, surveillance, fastidiousness, thoughtfulness, cautiousness, scrupulousness, thoroughness.


love (verb)
adore, like, worship, desire, admire, love, idolize, infatuate, cherish.
regard highly (verb)
desire, love, cherish, respect, prize, like.
tend to (verb)
watch, mind.

Other synonyms:

au pair, anxiousness, babysit, benefactor, gingerliness, disquietude, regimen, REHAB, Jaycee, babysitter, heavy lifting, charity, food bank, care order, punctiliousness, adopted, adoption agency, adoptive, unease, chariness, aid worker, aid agency, fundraiser, exertion, bother. challenge, thought, therapy, effort, uneasiness, angst, adoption, rehabilitation, fund, difficulty, undertaking, glom onto, wake up, dedication, foundation. adopt, treatment, deal in, pursuit, nervousness. pain, calculation. application, work, strain. trust, nibble. protection

Usage examples for care

  1. He told me he didn't care what you said, he should keep it." – The Young Musician or, Fighting His Way by Horatio Alger
  2. It's the kind of thing I don't care to have to do. – A Second Coming by Richard Marsh