Synonyms for Endeavor:


course, thing, demonstration. shot, offer, stand, push, stab, take, go, trial run, trial. struggle, pain, try for, striving, trouble, while, go after, push for, press for. have a go at, take a crack at, make a stab at. act (noun)
enterprise, endeavour.
action (noun)
deed, effort, performance, action, motion, movement, operation, behavior, activity, practice.
attempt to achieve something (noun)
try, effort, work, striving, aim, go, venture, enterprise, push, labor, undertaking, essay, stab, shot, struggle, trial.
effort (noun)
study at effort.
endeavor (noun)
enterprise, essay, undertaking, attempt, commitment, gambit, strive, purpose, production, endeavour, proceeding, project, engagement, adventure, job, try, effort.
intention (noun)
goal, consideration, forecast, expectation, scenario, intention, proposal, wish, idea, schedule, strategy, agenda, prospectus, choice, will, ambition, forethought, calculation, plan, policy, object.
venture (noun)
initiative, feat, affair, procedure, task, pursuit.


act (verb)
exercise, comport, move, operate, enterprise, behave, labor, appear, react, act, perform, work, perpetrate, conduct, execute, officiate, function, transact.
attempt to achieve something (verb)
offer, strive, aspire, seek, assay, undertake, intend, purpose.
endeavor (verb)
contract, attempt, maneuver, proceed, assay, undertake, venture, aim, commit, volunteer, approach, exploit, engage.
intend (verb)
intend, propose, choose, mind, consider, resolve, expect, mean.
pursue (verb)
hunt, stalk, follow, sleuth, dog, chase, quest, strive, tail, trail, harry, search, track, aspire, seek.
social (verb)
strive, endeavour.
venture (verb)
campaign, scheme, initiate, pursue.

Other synonyms:

striving. shot. pain, while, stab. trouble. Other relevant words:
striving, pain, thing, trouble, shot, offer, take, go, have a go at, endeavour, try, take a crack at, while, push, stab, trial, struggle, make a stab at.

Usage examples for endeavor

  1. He directed her to endeavor to find out who had sent the letter. – The Expressman and the Detective by Allan Pinkerton
  2. To get any definite idea from the child as to the time of his death proved a vain endeavor she was not very clear in her ideas of time. – The Raid From Beausejour; And How The Carter Boys Lifted The Mortgage by Charles G. D. Roberts