Synonyms for Movement:


demonstration, slide, flourish, excerpt, crescendo, trip, regression, expedition, transfer, progression, breakbeat, departure, coda, slip, stride, unrest, sweep, march, displacement, transportation, arpeggio, withdrawal, cadence, descant, patrol, removal, footfall, step, counterpoint, cavalcade, accompaniment, immigration, pilgrimage. inclination, venture, thing, bent. mover, stir. war, pitched battle, rearrangement, struggle, incursion, skirmish, dislocation, combat, mission, assault, disturbance, battle. maneuver, turn, committee, corps, clinic, consortium, cabal, body, coalition, army, class, board. seek, stance, position, push, poise, posture, carriage, bearing, pose, attitude, deportment, balance. dung, excretion, cowchip, doo-doo, excreta, cowpie, droppings. face, fob, hour hand, led, dial, lcd, hand, crystal, minute hand. act (noun)
motion, thing, move, motility.
action (noun)
conduct, action, exercise, deed, operation, endeavor, enterprise, performance, labor, behavior, effort, motion, practice, activity.
activity (noun)
animation, energy, stirring, liveliness, business, kinetics, agility.
changes (noun)
correction, shake up, reform, adjustment, transformation.
dislocation (noun)
drive, campaign (noun)
unrest, withdrawal, transfer, trend, patrol, transition, front, drift, sweep, crusade, march, demonstration.
motion (noun)
locomotion, motility, transition, procession, mobility, passage, flux.
motion, activity (noun)
change, maneuver, alteration, displacement, advance, stirring, flow, mobility, deed, velocity, journey, regression, wandering, stir, motility, undertaking, progress, shift, operation, move, evolution, progression, migration, locomotion, action, transit, exercise, passage, flux, changing, flight.
movement (noun)
bowel movement, effort, social movement, bm, move, crusade, motility, front, motion, cause, trend, apparent motion, campaign, drive, apparent movement, drift.
passage (noun)
travel (noun)

Other synonyms:

hour hand, inclination, minute hand, rearrangement, emigration, mover, maneuver, displacement, transit. lcd, progress, led, flight. evolution, transfer, thing, dislocation. fob. crystal, dial. disturbance. hand. face. current

Usage examples for movement

  1. He did not know me, I think, for he made no movement of surprise. – Oddsfish! by Robert Hugh Benson
  2. She felt that she could not make a movement or say a word without letting Halvor see that she was in love with him; yet she knew she would have to give him some kind of an answer. – Jerusalem by Selma Lagerlöf
  3. Before we were conscious of a movement among the trees, we were discovered. – The Legacy of Cain by Wilkie Collins