Synonyms for Argument:


exchange, a war of words. exploration, proof, inquest, negotiation, thought, evidence, reasoning, case, talks. study at, clarification, row, theory, interpretation, outline, gloss. difficulty, fight, run-in, bicker, polemic, tangle, word, wrangle, squabble, clash, hassle, tiff, altercation, rhubarb, spat. wherefore, why. meaning, subject matter. argument (noun)
contention, literary argument, tilt, arguing, debate, disputation, statement, argumentation, contestation, independent variable, controversy.
communication (noun)
competition (noun)
conflict (noun)
contention (noun)
confrontation, controversy, friction, antipathy, conflict, dispute, dissidence, tension, quarrel, encounter, struggle, opposition, dissension, contrariety, antagonism, protest.
conversation (noun)
conference, conversation, parley, seminar, debate, talk, meeting, chat, confabulation, dialog, interview, consultation.
defense (noun)
buffer, counterattack, fortress, cover, response, barrier, answer, barricade, wall, retort, shelter, defense, reply, countermeasure, armor, moat, screen, harbor, aversion, stronghold, rebuttal, security, return, support, shield, resistance, backfire, guard, protection, safeguard.
disagreement (noun)
complaint, disaccord, repudiation, divisiveness, disagreement, nonagreement, rejection, challenge, clash, dissent, disunity, defiance.
dissertation (noun)
postulation, analysis, hypothesis, article, essay, discussion, assertion, research, opinion, premise, examination, criticism, position, commentary, contention, interpolation, conjecture, thesis, dissertation, critique.
topic (noun)
axiom, text, topic, point, motif, subject, belief, paradigm, basis, problem, theorem, theme, question, statement, idea, presumption, query, concept, assumption, inference, exposition, principle, consideration, issue, matter.

Other synonyms:

fight, clarification, interpretation, theory, run-in, negotiation, tangle, exploration, row, rhubarb. polemic, subject matter, why, tiff, inquest. case, wherefore, hassle, spat. outline, exchange, wrangle. gloss, proof. difficulty. word. wrangle
Other relevant words:
difficulty, wherefore, case, theory, proof, fight, arguing, exchange, gloss, word, tilt, rhubarb, altercation, bicker, hassle, spat, inquest, why, polemic, clash, interpretation, squabble, evidence, independent variable, disputation, row, tangle, contestation, argumentation, literary argument, negotiation, tiff, wrangle, reasoning, run-in.

Usage examples for argument

  1. " I do not follow your argument said the governess, calmly. – Caught in a Trap by John C. Hutcheson
  2. Hardy considered the argument closed; but Uncle Henry came right back again: " But he's my nevyer!" – The Bad Man by Charles Hanson Towne