Synonyms for Criticism:


diatribe, attack, judgment, quibble, study, talking to, remonstrance, lecture, harangue. articulate, express, speak out, sound off, air, remark, exposition, pronounce on, formulate, survey, state. words, notice. accusation (noun)
allegation, insinuation, complaint, imputation, accusal, censure, condemnation, allegement, reproach, incrimination, accusation, indictment, blame, citation, impeachment, grievance, charge, denouncement.
blame (noun)
impeachment, imputation, reprobation, recrimination, reproach.
censure (noun)
faultfinding, stricture, objection, carping.
cognition (noun)
communication (noun)
unfavorable judgment.
condemnation (noun)
disapproval, blame.
criticism (noun)
judgement, unfavorable judgment, literary criticism, critique.
disapproval (noun)
chastisement, deprecation, derision, vilification, renouncement, denigration, disparagement, defamation, castigation, scorn, admonishment, disapproval.
dissertation (noun)
article, examination, interpolation, contention, thesis, hypothesis, argument, premise, conjecture, discussion, position, commentary, dissertation, research, postulation, assertion, critique, essay, opinion, analysis.
interpretation, analysis (noun)
critique, essay, opinion, study, examination, judgment, commentary, exposition, pan, notice.
punishment (noun)
quibble (noun)
verbal disapproval (noun)
disparagement, carping, censure, faultfinding, quibble, stricture, knock, objection.

Other synonyms:

diatribe, faultfinding, talking to, harangue, reprobation. attack, Bashing, lecture, barrage, recrimination, objection. pan, mud. notice. censure

Usage examples for criticism

  1. In this action I judge no other minister and pass no criticism on others' discipleship. – In His Steps by Charles M. Sheldon
  2. But enough of criticism – Recollections and Impressions 1822-1890 by Octavius Brooks Frothingham