Synonyms for Channel:


crest, the BBC, IDENT, sound, neck, main, moat, vein, CNN, race, cbc, tube, watercourse, canyon, strait, ridge, artery, tunnel, carrier, Broadcasting House, abc, CBS, franchise. blowhole, cleft, chink, crater, flood, cavity, aperture, abyss, flow, deep water, cranny, water, current. exploit, go toward, utilize, fall back on, use, gouge, bring in, draw on, slit, apply, consume. edge, focalize, operate, center, marshal, focus, codify, concentrate, restructure, systematize, converge, manage, coordinate, prioritize, reorganize, structure. means, manner, allow, procedure, basis, system, technique, tactic, mode, method. bight, cataract, branch, cascade, bayou, confluence, bottom, bed, backwater. cast up, come in, burst, dash, catch, deepen, break. chasm, crevasse, fissure, crevice, cavern, pothole, rift, cave. interchange, language, speech, show, expression, networking, turn of phrase, communications. ground, lagoon, groundwater, open water, field, inlet. divination, Ouija Board, seance, spiritualism, clairvoyant, necromancy. channel (noun)
distribution channel, conduct, communication channel, television channel, line, canalise, canal, canalize, duct, transmit, channelise, transport, convey, Tv Channel, groove, carry, transfer, channelize, epithelial duct, transmission channel.
communication (noun)
transmission channel.
conduit (noun)
way, trench, course, ditch, conduit, aqueduct, sluice, passage, pipe, sewer, duct, gutter, culvert, canal.
groove (noun)
furrow, dado, cut, gully, corrugation, slot, ravine, rut, incision, trough, groove, flute.
line (noun)
passage (noun)
pathway, usually containing water (noun)
vein, passage, means, dig, watercourse, strait, artery, carrier, course, gully, canal, gutter, sewer, main, pipe, tunnel, conduit, ditch, sound, gouge, furrow, tube, canyon, slit, way, trough, duct, aqueduct, groove.
stream (noun)
waterway (noun)
canal, watercourse.


contact (verb)
channelize, transport, channelise, transmit, transfer.
direct, guide (verb)
conduct, transport, carry, transmit, convey.
groove (verb)
dig, corrugate, incise.
motion (verb)
carry, convey, conduct, transmit.

Other synonyms:

cranny, blowhole, carrier, cast up, rift, seance, cleft, spiritualism, divination, the BBC, abc, gouge, Ouija Board, fissure, concentrate, means, crevice, bight, inlet, cbc, franchise, bayou, slit, CNN, aperture, CBS, IDENT, chink, Broadcasting House, pothole, groundwater, cavity, focalize, strait, necromancy. confluence, networking, lagoon, watercourse, backwater, open water, crater, cataract, abyss. bottom, converge, cascade, language. interchange, expression, speech. center, neck, bed, flow, crest. deepen. branch, dash, burst, water. come in. flood. field. show. sound. ground. catch. break. TV channel
Tv Channel.
Other relevant words:
speech, pothole, water, confluence, transfer, convey, cavern, tunnel, seance, rift, aperture, cleft, bottom, cavity, artery, break, bight, race, main, bayou, branch, crevice, carry, spiritualism, edge, interchange, epithelial duct, slit, mode, canyon, converge, conduct, ridge, CNN, prioritize, television channel, focus, apply, basis, systematize, flow, consume, flood, cascade, coordinate, line, technique, method, cataract, backwater, lagoon, inlet, moat, exploit, catch, expression, strait, use, gouge, current, chasm, groundwater, abyss, carrier, burst, channelise, operate, Tv Channel, language, communications, allow, concentrate, ground, divination, CBS, marshal, canalise, vein, necromancy, dash, means, transmit, crest, networking, blowhole, restructure, cave, franchise, bed, clairvoyant, show, sound, chink, codify, transmission channel, reorganize, abc, center, channelize, structure, IDENT, tactic, neck, field, cbc, canalize, crevasse, deepen, procedure, utilize, tube, fissure, watercourse, cranny, communication channel, crater, manner, manage, transport, distribution channel, focalize, system.

Usage examples for channel

  1. It would be too dangerous for the boat in this kind of weather, even if they knew a channel – The Wailing Octopus by Harold Leland Goodwin
  2. Had we carried on the war on the side of France which looks towards the Channel or the Atlantic, we should have attacked our enemy on his weak and unarmed side. – The Works of the Right Honourable Edmund Burke, Vol. V. (of 12) by Edmund Burke
  3. Its channel was some thirty feet deep, so that the " Terror" could take shelter either upon the surface or under water. – The Master of the World by Jules Verne