Synonyms for Ray:


light (adjective)


brill, coelacanth, bloater, bream. glare, twinkle, dazzle, sparkle, light. incident ray, spotlight, sun, the light, daylight, gaslight, lamplight, candlelight. beam (noun)
streak, alpha X-ray, radio wave, stream, blink, gleam, flicker, glimmer, beta, patch, spark, flash, pencil, sparkle, sunbeam, visible light, gamma, ultraviolet, light, wave, cosmic, infrared, glitter, moonbeam, microwave, radiance, blaze, emanation, glint.
beam; indication (noun)
streak, flicker, glimmer, spark, shaft, blaze, irradiation, radiance, glint, emanation, sunbeam, light, pencil, stream, glitter, patch, moonbeam, gleam, sparkle, blink, wave, flash.
fish (noun)
speckled trout, fish, trout, gar, herring, mackerel, tuna, kipper, crappie, sailfish, sole, hake, flatfish, sunfish, goldfish, anchovy, swordfish, bluegill, guppy, shark, bowfin, perch, pike, bass, turbot, flounder, catfish, Sting ray, barracuda, walleye, carp, blackfish, puffer, fluke, sardine, albacore, sturgeon, sea horse, minnow, char, goby, haddock, hammerhead, pickerel, tarpon, eel, whitefish, lamprey, grouper, salmon, marlin, halibut, rainbow trout, Mudfish, dogfish, smelt.
light (noun)
sunbeam, sun, irradiation.
ray (noun)
re, ray of light, irradiation, shaft of light, electron beam, light beam, beam of light, radiate, beam, shaft, irradiate.
ray of light (noun)
beam, shaft.


stative (verb)

Other synonyms:

flash, incident ray, candlelight, sunbeam, lamplight. streak, gaslight, daylight. spotlight, sun. light. Other relevant words:
gaslight, blaze, twinkle, radio wave, spark, gleam, streak, moonbeam, sparkle, electron beam, beam of light, dazzle, patch, irradiate, flicker, lamplight, shaft, emanation, radiate, re, glare, flash, shaft of light, sunbeam, light, blink, light beam, radiance, irradiation, glitter, wave, stream, beam, ray of light, glimmer, glint, pencil.

Usage examples for ray

  1. " No," said Ray I am good for one thing. – The Honorable Peter Stirling and What People Thought of Him by Paul Leicester Ford
  2. This speech let in a big ray of light upon her understanding. – The Stronger Influence by F.E. Mills Young
  3. She seemed like a ray of light flashing through darkness. – Dawn by Mrs. Harriet A. Adams