Synonyms for Pass:


all (adjective)


background processing, crossing, gorge, batch, access time, alpha test, authentication, defile, ai, ABEND, authoring, artificial intelligence, A-D conversion, ravine. case, blackmail, counterfeit, commission, abduct, abet, hurl, extort, pitch, defraud, bootleg. approach, amendment, abrogate, come in, amend, codify, decriminalize, criminalize, proposition, abolish, backdate, suggestion. journey, fare, brief, relay, divulge, push on, wend, remove, give someone to understand (that), advise, point out, let someone know. peregrinate, angle, trip, direction, trek. manhandle, shunt, propel. comment, outshine, express, big, sound off, pronounce on, beat, state, formulate, speak out, outrun, best, better, remark, air, articulate. help, cross, lavish, part with, traverse, hand over. alter, convert, go into, turn into, time, diversify, change into, change. kick, hook, dribble, report, get across, knowledge, smash, shoot, tell, disclose, knock, strike at. fulfill, come to, spread, enter, push. bequeath, branch off, bend, divide, hand on, hand down, connect, ascend, diverge, bifurcate. kick off, circumnavigate, avoid, check out, demise, detour, shave, circumvent, round. car pool, bus, come off, carve up, betide, box in, buckle up, block in, change down, develop, bypass. backhand, blast, corner, dive, delivery, chip, put in, ball. bursting, Egestion, bowel movement, evacuate, Bedwetting, pursue, constipation, be, dry, constipated. deal, cut, bid, masquerade, call, impersonate, posture, pose, raise, attitudinize, honest, shuffle. put off, fob off, close, dry up, palm off, terminate, draw to a close/an end, foist, come to an end. press, forge ahead, walk-on. what is someone on about?, I couldn't tell you, don't ask me, how should/do I know?, not that I know of, (that's a) good question, your guess is as good as mine, not for the life of me, who can say?. graduate, downgrade, mark, mark down, promote, grade. come at, something expresses itself, come across, confront. swap, change hands, trade, trade in, in consideration of something, exchange. have no concept of something, not know beans about something, be out of touch (with something), not have a clue, not be any the wiser, lose touch (with something), be no judge (of something). authorization (noun)
opening through solid (noun)
cut, ravine, gorge.
pass (noun)
go past, blow over, authorize, go, pass off, go on, evanesce, offer, reach, spend, authorise, go along, draw, laissez passer, lapse, base on balls, occur, fleet, whirl, passing play, pass on, go by, turn over, liberty chit, expire, mountain pass, fling, go through, lead, hap, overstep, die, eliminate, head, surpass, sink, egest, take place, pass by, make pass, run, slip away, top, hand, fall, notch, overtake, come about, travel by, qualifying, glide by, give, return, devolve, extend, decease, bye, slip by, fade, passing, exit, overhaul, straits, legislate, communicate, excrete, passport, slide by, go across, happen, elapse, transcend, exceed, passing game, guide, flip, strait, pass away, put across, perish, walk, clear, toss.
predicament (noun)
strait, state.
sexual proposition (noun)
suggestion, approach.
valley (noun)


give, transfer (verb)
hand over, exchange, shoot, hand, kick.
happen (verb)
occur, ensue, take place, transpire, come to pass, happen.
move (verb)
move, go, budge, stir, proceed, relocate, transfer, transit, flow, course, run, shift, actuate.
rid of waste (verb)
eliminate, excrete, evacuate.
succeed, graduate (verb)
surpass, beat (verb)
top, exceed, go by, outshine, transcend.

Other synonyms:

building permit, working papers, backhand, propel, resit, ticket, dry up, approve, manhandle, circumnavigate. come across, dribble, peregrinate, journey, cross, authorization, circumvent, qualify, attitudinize, shunt, outrun, chip, detour, traverse, shoot, knock, forge ahead, ratify, dip out, betide, impersonate, shave, wend, trek. downgrade, bequeath, pose, outshine, affirm, avoid, walk-on, smash, come at, shuffle, confront. kick, disclose, mark down, fare, license. graduate, put into, grade, adopt, remove, hook, confirm. promote, time, deal, angle, tell, retake, blast. round, pursue. develop. put in. come in, spread, score. raise, press. mark. beat. cut. call. close. answer
slip away.
go by.
go off
take place.
come to pass.
go past.

Usage examples for pass

  1. Give it and you will pass – Evil Out of Onzar by Mark Ganes
  2. But I pass that. – The Works of John Bunyan Volume 3 by John Bunyan
  3. Never mind, pass it over, whatever it is. – Lily Pearl and The Mistress of Rosedale by Ida Glenwood