Synonyms for Appropriate:


acceptable (adjective)
satisfactory, permissible, tolerable, acceptable, admissible, adequate, favorable, suitable, allowable, passable.
opportune (adjective)
convenient, expedient, propitious, seasonable, auspicious, opportune, timely, felicitous.
perfect (adjective)
proper (adjective)
fitting, apropos, proper, tasteful, polite, study atfit, correct, prim, suitable, seemly, right.
relevant (adjective)
germane, to the point, relevant, suitable, apropos, pointed, apt, apposite, applicable, pertinent, fitting, logical.
rightful (adjective)
suitable (adjective)
becoming, deserved, right, seemly, correct, suitable, due, congruous, befitting, just, opportune, suited, rightful, good, apropos, apt, applicable, germane, convenient, tailor-made, relevant, pertinent, geared to, proper, useful, felicitous, fit, fitting.
utilizable (adjective)
effective, useful, instrumental, applicable, helpful, usable, expedient, versatile, multipurpose, all-purpose, reusable, serviceable, advantageous, beneficial, at hand, convenient, handy, effectual, functional, employable, practicable, applied, practical, utilizable, utilitarian, fitting, commodious, available, suitable.


earn, claim back, recover, monetize, cash in. tailor-made, well-chosen, meet, perfect, becoming, ideal, possible, happy. rob, good, requisition, encroach, go off with, repossess, agree. walk off with, rightful, loot, plunder, deserved, help yourself to something, burgle, just, run away with, mug, merited. appropriate (noun)
apt, congruous, proper, right, congruent, usurp, conquer, called for, befitting, fit to, harmonious, seize, reserve, fit, allow, apposite, advantageous, fir for, capture, suitable, pertinent, in order, take over, pat, suited, due, earmark, expedient.


borrow (verb)
borrow, obtain.
cognition (verb)
reserve, earmark, allow.
possession (verb)
seize, conquer, capture.
set aside; allocate (verb)
reserve, earmark, allow.
steal (verb)
take over, grab, usurp, confiscate, borrow, annex.
take (verb)
nab, harvest, capture, catch, monopolize, reap, grab, usurp, procure, gather, annex, impound, take, collect, bag, confiscate, walk off with, levy, abduct, deprive, get, acquire, commandeer, amass.

Other synonyms:

claim back, recover, monetize. cash in, tailor-made, merited, earn, becoming. due, rightful. just. happy. good. merited
take over