Synonyms for Trade:


ambassador, account executive, capitalist, administrator, baron, businessperson, businesswoman, businessman, boss. the biz, agency, base, blue-chip, anchor, big business, contract, agent, account, sale, acquisition. book, action, business plan, asset, brokerage, Broking, beauty parade, capacity, cannibalize. custom, make way (for), give way, relieve, succeed, renew. appointment, background, commutation, division of labor, delegation, call, transposition, collaboration. employ, fence, racket, deal in, receive, line, deal with, pursuit. digital, option, E-Commerce, dealing. bearish, broker-dealer, bid price, bondholder, bull, bullish, bear market, bull market, bid, bear. call up, captaincy, captain, draft, bench, commissioner, draft in. in consideration of something, change hands, pass on. act (noun)
barter (noun)
bargain, transfer, deal, free trade, traffic, interchange.
business (noun)
concern, position, busy work, negotiation, merchant, selling, business, vocation, occupation, activity, profession, enterprise, labor, commerce, establishment, management, holding, proprietorship, posting, interest, market, industry, situation, partnership, livelihood, barter, consortium, company, corporation, station, firm, calling, venture, transaction, job, specialty, service, career, exchange, commission, employment, affair, practice, retailing, assignment.
buying and selling (noun)
custom, interchange, business, dealing, patronage, commerce, contract, enterprise, exchange, swap, market, deal, industry, barter, traffic, transaction, sales.
handle (noun)
deal in.
interchange (noun)
line (noun)
profession, work (noun)
employment, calling, vocation, craft, job, position, pursuit, occupation, line.
substitution (noun)
alternative, supersession, displacement, replacement, substitution, subrogation.
trade (noun)
craft, deal, trade in, business deal, commercial, sell, swap, quid pro quo, switch, trade wind, patronage, barter, swop.


barter (verb)
co-operate (verb)
collude, co-operate, interlace, share, band, participate, mesh, ally, pool, confederate, associate, intermesh, collaborate, dovetail, overlap, intertwine, interweave, affiliate, interplay, reciprocate, concur, unite.
substitute (verb)
alternate, swap, switch, second, commute, replace, represent, imitate, substitute, displace, supersede, supplant, change, subrogate.

Other synonyms:

E-Commerce. transposition, commutation, dealing. fence, option, deal with, digital. pass on, racket, receive, custom. line. handle
deal in.
trade in.

Usage examples for trade

  1. What a master in his trade his father still was! – The Complete Historical Romances of Georg Ebers by Georg Ebers
  2. We will trade there all we can. – Bunny Brown and His Sister Sue Keeping Store by Laura Lee Hope
  3. That's as good as a trade school. – The Green Beret by Thomas Edward Purdom