Synonyms for Repudiate:


debunk, discard, explode, confound, deflate, disabuse, discredit. dump, break up, spurn, split up, fall out, cut off, finish with, drop, defriend, break off.


abolish (verb)
abrogate, prohibit, extinguish, eradicate, invalidate, obliterate, annul, overturn, cancel, negate, nullify, destroy, undo, dissolve.
annul (verb)
deny, divorce, undo, eradicate, retract, Disaffirm, abolish, revoke, nullify, veto, dissolve, refute, invalidate, disclaim, negate, annul, cancel, obliterate, destroy, withdraw, reject, neutralize, abnegate, disavow, efface, eliminate, delete, extinguish, dismiss.
belie (verb)
contradict, explode, Disaffirm, oppose, disagree, confute.
blackball (verb)
blacklist, ostracize, veto, reject, exclude, ban.
blacklist (verb)
blackball, proscribe, expel, boycott, bar.
cancel (verb)
counterbalance, ignore, eliminate, efface, delete, neutralize, remove, break off, refute, abolish.
communication (verb)
confute (verb)
conflict, dispute, disprove, contradict, confute, rebut, repeal, challenge, rejoin, abrogate.
contradict (verb)
differ, challenge, disprove, dispute.
contravene (verb)
deny (verb)
disagree (verb)
antagonize, object, contend, complain, defy, disagree, argue, dissent, bicker, demur, differ, clash, oppose, collide.
exclude (verb)
blacklist, eject, proscribe, exclude, oust, renounce, ban, prohibit, extradite, relegate, disqualify, ignore, exile, disallow, expatriate, banish, bar, forbid, boycott, remove, ostracize, expel, amputate, deport, evict, excise, blackball, excommunicate, disbar.
negate (verb)
counterbalance, overturn, Counterwork, reverse, invert, check.
refuse (verb)
disdain, repulse, refuse, disincline, decline.
repudiate (verb)
deny, dismiss, refuse, cut off, disclaim, dump, retract, revoke, repeal, spurn, banish, discard, decline, Disacknowledge, disavow, oust, renounce, reverse, demur.

Other synonyms:

debunk, disabuse, Disacknowledge, discredit, deflate, confound. explode. deny
Disacknowledge, disclaim.
get rid of

Usage examples for repudiate

  1. All States have public debts, which they may, and sometimes do, repudiate – Government and Administration of the United States by Westel W. Willoughby and William F. Willoughby
  2. You can repudiate it. – Pygmalion by George Bernard Shaw
  3. He had come, full of fierce and emotional sympathy, to tell a condemned man how wholly his heart was on his side, to repudiate with all his power the abominable system that had made such things possible. – Dawn of All by Robert Hugh Benson