Synonyms for Continue:


begin, find your tongue, break your silence, open, add, get out, throw in, bring up. hike, stray, wander, stride, step, saunter, trek, stroll, amble, walk. repeat, renew, retry, come back to, reproduce, resume, rerun, pick up, reopen, take up, restart, bring back, replay. stay the course, press ahead, get on, follow through. latency, take hold, flow. keep on (noun)
keep reading keep it up, keep talking.


abide (verb)
go on, bear, experience, undergo, suffer, tolerate, last, remain, endure, abide, linger, put up with, persevere, tarry, persist.
continue (verb)
maintain, extend, prolong, protract, sustain.
exist (verb)
live, exist, occur, prevail, subsist.
live (verb)
reside, survive, dwell.
perpetuate (verb)
last, perpetuate, endure.

Other synonyms:

retry, replay, add, get out. rerun, follow through. renew, repeat, bring back. open. flow, step. get on. abide
keep on.
go ahead
go forward.
keep going
keep going, perpetuate.
live in
stay the course.
persist in
persist in.
put up with.

Usage examples for continue

  1. 2164, it will have no play in the groove and the head cannot be moved; hence if the groove is started out of line, as it is apt to be, it will continue so. – Modern Machine-Shop Practice, Volumes I and II by Joshua Rose
  2. You may now continue working for me. – The Progressionists, and Angela. by Conrad von Bolanden