Synonyms for Buffalo:


chimp, aardvark, Forest buffalo, African buffalo, gorilla, bush baby, European bison or wisent, cape buffalo, wild ox, chimpanzee. badger, angora, bat, black bear, bighorn sheep, anteater. drag into, coerce, force, threaten, bulldoze, bully, compel, nag, pester. confuse, distract, preoccupy, divert. buffalo (noun)
American Bison, American Buffalo, old world buffalo, bison bison.
ungulate (noun)
hippopotamus, deer, giraffe, swine, elephant, rhinoceros, hog, camel, horse, llama, pig.


baffle (verb)
bully (verb)
bulldoze, coerce, threaten, cow.
cow (verb)
intimidate (verb)
badger, force, compel.
puzzle (verb)

Other synonyms:

American buffalo
American Buffalo.
Bison bison
bison bison.
chimp, bush baby, aardvark, gorilla, chimpanzee. Other relevant words:
wild ox, bat, bully, threaten, American Bison, American Buffalo, bison bison, confuse, old world buffalo.

Usage examples for buffalo

  1. Another instant and the door was opened on the beautiful, white, sparkling world, and the low sleigh, with its great, warm, buffalo robes, in which the small figures of a woman and a child were almost lost, stopped at the door. – Northern Lights by Gilbert Parker
  2. They did the impossible- they made room, and turned back the buffalo skin. – The Magnetic North by Elizabeth Robins (C. E. Raimond)
  3. " We talk that way," said the old Indian, long years afterward, while telling the story in broken English, " and," he added with a laugh twinkle in his dark eyes, " we much brave- we want to meet Deerfoot but we looked to see he did not come; if he came, then we wouldn't be so much brave; we turn, and run like buffalo we much afraid of Deerfoot; we no want to see him." – The Lost Trail by Edward S. Ellis